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Pak untrustworthy, sentences Saeed but also sends terrorists to Kashmir: Pok activist

Amjad Ayub Mirza, an activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Glasgow [Scotland], November 21 (ANI): Asserting that Pakistan Army can't be trusted, a dissident from Pakistan-involved Kashmir (PoK), Amjad Ayub Mirza, on Friday said that Islamabad sent psychological militants into Jammu and Kashmir to upset the forthcoming surveys around the same time it told the world that they are condemning assigned fear mongers, including Hafiz Saeed to 10 years' detainment.

On his YouTube channel "Pakistan Exposed", Mirza, who is from Mirpur in PoK and living in a state of banishment in the UK, blamed the public authority for oppressing the individuals of the PoK to denials of basic liberties, calling for pre-emptive fear strikes in the district to kill psychological oppressors.

"Pakistan Army can't be trusted... Around the same time, they are telling the world that we are condemning assigned psychological oppressors to 10 years' detainment. Around the same time, they sent fear based oppressors in Jammu and Kashmir to harm and disturb the political decision," Mirza said.

"There ought to be pre-emptive strikes in PoK. I Come from Pakistan-involved Jammu and Kashmir. On October 22, 1947, Pakistan involved the area and since the time we have been exposed to the most exceedingly awful sort of basic liberties and social equality mishandles. Furthermore, there are psychological militant camps in each and every town," he added.

A Lahore hostile to psychological warfare court on Thursday condemned Saeed to a sum of 10 years' detainment in two dread financing cases, however as per sources, the Counter-illegal intimidation Department authorities are regarding him as a VIP.

Pakistan's Counter-illegal intimidation Department has enrolled 41 arguments against the Jamaat-ud-Dawa pioneers. The US has additionally positioned a USD10 million abundance on Saeed, an UN-assigned fear based oppressor.

Jamaat-ud-Dawa boss Saeed, the supposed brains of the 2008 Mumbai dread assaults, was captured on July 17, 2019, at Kamoke cost court, around 50 km north of Lahore.

Then, on the day he was condemned, four psychological oppressors of Pakistan-based dread gathering Jaish-e-Mohammed, who had penetrated in Jammu and Kashmir with a goal of a fear assault, were killed in an activity led by the Indian security powers.

A huge amount of Pakistan-made medications was recuperated from the ownership of the fear mongers, sources said. Upwards of 11 AK-47 rifles, three guns, 29 projectiles, and different gadgets were likewise recuperated from them. (ANI)

Ahmadi doctor shot dead in Pakistan over 'religious differences'

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Nankana Sahib [Pakistan], November 21 (ANI): A specialist, having a place with Ahmadi people group, was shot dead on Friday, while his dad and two uncles endured wounds when a high school kid started shooting at them in Punjab's Nankana Sahib.

The family was offering petitions when they heard a thump on their entryway. As Dr Tahir Mahmood (31) opened the entryway, the adolescent kid, conveying a gun, fired him, Dawn announced.

As indicated by police, the casualty endured projectile injuries and fell on the ground, while his relatives raced to the entryway on hearing the discharges.

Police said the speculate additionally started shooting at them and harmed Dr Mahmood's dad, Tariq, and uncles Saeed and Tayyab.

Saddar Sanghla Station House Officer (SHO) Muhammad Shamshair said the suspect has been arrested who "admitted to having assaulted the family over strict contrasts".

"An examination group has been comprised that will likewise check whether the presume had assaulted the house all alone or adhering to someone's guidelines," Shamshair said.

Saleemuddin, an Ahmadi people group's representative, affirmed that the occurrence occurred when the individuals from the family assembled for supplications inside their home.

"Ahmadis are not even safe inside their homes. They can't play out their strict commitments inside the four dividers of their home," he said.

The representative added Ahmadis were being killed at their doorsteps as the state neglected to give them insurance.

"The assault was an immediate aftereffect of a disdain crusade being run unchecked in the nation against the network," he said.

Ahmadis, a 4,000,000 in number minority bunch in Pakistan, have been confronting passing dangers, terrorizing and a continued disdain crusade for quite a long time. (ANI)

Friday, November 20, 2020

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman attends G20 Finance Ministers' virtual meeting

Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at G20 Finance Ministers virtual meeting on Friday.

New Delhi [India], November 20 (ANI): Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman took an interest in the G20 Finance Ministers virtual gathering here on Friday.

"Money Ministers of the G20 nations accumulated to examine their perspectives on the worldwide monetary standpoint and drawback chances in wake of the COVID-19 emergency and how G20 could convey forward the aggregate worldwide activity started during the emergency," read a press proclamation from the Ministry of Finance.

The Finance Minister underlined the requirement for additional endeavors by the G20 individuals to end the emergency and featured the reasonableness and openness of immunizations for all as an essential advance toward this path.

The press articulation read, "Sitharaman featured the G20 Action Plan as the pillar of the G20's monetary reaction and shared that it arranges our prompt reaction, yet in addition directs our drawn out recuperation endeavors."

Featuring the Debt Service Suspension Initiative as a significant result under the G20 Saudi Arabian Presidency, the Finance Minister accentuated on the requirement for aggregate and composed endeavors by all G20 individuals to accomplish this deliverable.

Sitharaman praised the Saudi Arabian Presidency for their resolute endeavors and uncommon authority to direct the G20 plan because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Finance Minister shared that India anticipates work with the Italian Presidency as a Troika part from December 2020. (ANI)

Air India flights barred from entering Hong Kong till December 3

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New Delhi [India], Nov 20: Hong Kong has suspended trips of Air India working among Delhi and Hong Kong till December 3.

As per an official assertion gave by the aircrafts, "Air India has been banished from working among Delhi and Hong Kong from November 20 till December 3. Air India doesn't have any flight planned to Hong Kong during this period."

This comes regardless of Air India following all obligatory security conventions for its flights working to any global or homegrown objective.

"Air India has consistently been sticking to all the required security conventions for its flights working to any worldwide or homegrown objective. Just those travelers with Covid negative test reports completed 72 hours before takeoff, from labs perceived by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), are permitted to load up trips to Hong Kong according to necessity by the Hong Kong specialists," the assertion read.

It further said that the travelers are needed to guarantee online accommodation of their wellbeing and isolate affirmation too prior to arriving in Hong Kong. "These notices are imparted on our official site too. Air India as a capable carrier is carefully adjusting to every one of these guidelines and convention."

"Another obligatory Covid 19 test is done for travelers in the wake of arriving in Hong Kong and reports of this test might be at fluctuation from the reports of tests directed 72 hours prior to taking the flight," the Air India said.

Prior, on October 28, Air India flights were prohibited by the Hong Kong specialists refering to five Mumbai travelers tried positive for Covid-19.

Also, on August 18, Air India had reported that its Vande Bharat Mission trips to and from.

Hong Kong were prohibited by Hong Kong specialists because of COVID-19 related issues.

Air India had suspended its trips to Hong Kong from February 7 because of the flare-up of Covid pandemic. (ANI)

Covid-19 contaminated letters could be new threat for political figures, warns Interpol

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New Delhi [India], November 20 (ANI): Interpol, the international criminal police organisation, has warned law enforcement agencies across the world to exercise caution and beware of Covid-19 contaminated letters that could target political figures.

According to its latest guidelines, Interpol has warned all law enforcement agencies, including those in India, to consider increasing their monitoring based on the various modus operandi, which refer to deliberate acts with an actual risk of contamination spread (such acts should be further assessed on a case-by-case basis).

"Instances of individuals spitting and coughing in the faces of law enforcement officers, health practitioners and essential workers to intimidate them. This could represent a risk if these individuals are infected with Covid-19," the guidelines said.

"Attempts at deliberate contamination by spitting and coughing on surfaces and objects have been reported. Despite limited risk, a few cases of threatening letters allegedly contaminated with Covid-19 targeted political figures. This modus operandi could also target other vulnerable groups," it said.

The international agency said that certain infected individuals may deliberately move from affected areas to non-affected areas, despite their medical condition and any travel restrictions in place. Instances of individuals claiming to sell contaminated samples of body fluids online have been reported.

It has also said that the COVID-19 pandemic has offered an opportunity for fast cash as predatory criminals take advantage of the high market demand for personal protection and hygiene products, which has triggered massive supply of fake medical products.

"The results of Operation Pangea and other initiatives, conducted by Interpol with enforcement partners from March 2020 onwards, have shown an increase in fake or counterfeit medical items available on the market, including disposable surgical masks, Hand sanitisers, Antiviral and antimalarial medication, vaccines, Covid-19 test kits," the Interpol guidelines said.

Interpol has also given a list of various fraud and scam schemes taking advantage of the crisis situation which have been reported.

"Cybercriminals continue to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to launch a variety of cyberattacks. The number of malware and ransomware campaigns using Covid-19 and infecting computer systems of individuals and organizations continues to be a risk," the international agency said.

Further, the agency said that as legitimate vaccines move closer to delivery, the targeting of storage facilities and distribution networks by criminal networks can also be expected, and the updated guidelines highlight the need for secure storage and delivery of supplies.

"High demand combined with a limited supply will make COVID-19 vaccines the equivalent of liquid gold to organized crime networks as soon as one is available."Jurgen Stock, Interpol Secretary-General said.

"This is why it is essential for action to be taken now, to both protect the legitimate supply chain for when the vaccine is ready, and to prevent the production and distribution of fake COVID-19 vaccines," the agency said. (ANI)

Terrorist safe havens, sanctuaries operating across Durand Line must end for peace in Afghanistan: India

Ambassador TS Tirumurti, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, speaking at UN during Arria Formula Meeting on Friday. Photo/ANI

New York [US], November 20 (ANI): India on Friday at the United Nations (UN) said that as harmony cycle and brutality can't go together, consequently for tough harmony in Afghanistan there must be "a finish to fear monger places of refuge and asylums working over the Durand Line".

Talking during Arria Formula Meeting at the UN on the topic "What can the Security Council do to help the harmony cycle in Afghanistan", Ambassador TS Tirumurti, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, stated, "Even as we meet today, battling proceeds in Afghanistan in a few territories the nation over. Reports are coming in of regular people, including youngsters and ladies, murdered or harmed in the viciousness. Psychological oppressor assaults keep on focusing on honest people and organizations of learning."

He further stated, "It is our view that harmony cycle and brutality can't go inseparably, and we call for sure fire exhaustive truce. For solid harmony in Afghanistan, we need to stop psychological oppressor places of refuge and safe-havens working over the Durand Line. The report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team under the Al-Qaeda/Da'esh Sanctions Committee has likewise featured the presence of unfamiliar contenders in Afghanistan. For savagery to end in Afghanistan, these psychological militant gracefully chains must be broken."

He encouraged the Security Council to talk "unequivocally against brutality and psychological oppressor powers" and act against the fear monger safe-havens and places of refuge.

Talking on the India-Afghanistan relations, Tirumurti stated, "India and Afghanistan are bordering neighbors. We are associated together by hundreds of years of recorded, individuals to-individuals and social relations. India has stood steadfastly behind the Government and individuals of Afghanistan and has upheld the advancement of Afghanistan."

He likewise gave various vital focuses that should be followed to accomplish "our undertaking" to bring "enduring harmony and dependability" in Afghanistan.

"Initially, the harmony cycle must be Afghan-driven, Afghan-claimed and Afghan-controlled. Arrangements must come from the Afghans themselves, in accordance with the desires and yearnings of all areas of Afghan culture. Sway and regional honesty of Afghanistan must be regarded," he said.

He further stated, "Also, there should be zero resistance of illegal intimidation in the entirety of its structures and appearances. Afghanistan can succeed just when illegal intimidation no longer streams over the Durand Line. Fear and brutality can't be the instrument to shape Afghanistan's future or direct the decisions Afghans make. Ensure that nobody gives asylum to psychological militants who compromise Afghanistan or some other nation in the area. The individuals who do so should be considered responsible."

"Thirdly, the worldwide network, essentially can't bear to lose the additions of the most recent twenty years. The advancement accomplished so far is hard-won. The future which we look for ought to have a spot for each Afghan and ought to have space for everybody's desire. Specifically, India is persuaded that the privileges of ladies should be unequivocally secured. Sexual orientation mainstreaming and shields are vital to the fate of Afghanistan and we like the comments of the President of Afghanistan in this specific circumstance. The privileges of the minorities and the weak should be protected. Regard for common liberties and vote based system should be instilled in any structure that a future Afghanistan plans for itself. The ongoing focused on assaults on ANDSF, Universities, ladies possessing places of duty and youth just serve to feature the coordinated exertion by psychological militants and their backers to dissolve the increases of the most recent twenty years," he told the UN.

"Fourthly, guarantee that the issue of full travel rights to Afghanistan isn't utilized by States to separate political cost from Afghanistan. The global network ought to debilitate middle age attitudes and work towards evacuation of counterfeit travel obstructions forced on Afghanistan. It ought to guarantee all travel rights ensured to Afghanistan under respective and multilateral travel arrangements work with no block. India stays focused on working with the global network towards accomplishing this mutual goal," he added. (ANI)

Pfizer, BioNTech to submit to FDA for emergency use authorisation for their COVID-19 vaccine candidate

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Washington [US], November 20 (ANI): American drug giant Pfizer and German laboratory BioNTech on Friday said that they will be submitting to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use authorisation for their COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Citing an official statement by the companies, CNN reported that their vaccine candidate, known as BNT162b2, will potentially be available for use in high-risk populations in the United States by the middle to end of December.

According to the companies, the vaccine requires two doses a few weeks apart and the protection is achieved 28 days after the first shot.

The submission to the FDA is based on results from the Phase 3 clinical trial of Pfizer's vaccine, which began in the United States on July 27 and enrolled more than 43,000 volunteers, CNN reported.

On November 18, Pfizer had said that final results from the late-stage trial of its coronavirus vaccine was found to be 95 per cent effective and had no serious side effects on older people.

The findings are based on two doses given to more than 41,000 people around the world, said the US drugmaker adding that it would apply for emergency US authorisation soon, raising hopes that a working vaccine could soon become a reality.

This comes after Pfizer and its partner German biotechnology firm BioNTech had last week published data that their vaccine offered 90 per cent protection from the infection as compared to placebo saline shot.

In a statement, Pfizer and BioNTech said they expect to produce globally up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021. (ANI)

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