Tuesday, November 17, 2020

PDM to hold rally in Peshawar on Nov 22 despite Imran Khan's ban on 'jalsas'

PDM Rally (File photo)

Karachi [Pakistan], Nov 17: The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has answered to continue with its show in Peshawar on November 22, paying little heed to Prime Minister Imran Khan's assertion that "jalsas" won't be held in Pakistan in wake of the rising number of COVID-19 defilements. 

"The PDM's November 22 show in Peshawar will be held by plan," the media coordinator for the Opposition social affairs' partnership, Abdul Jalil Jan, said Monday, uncovered Geo News. 

Jan zeroed in on that the PDM's focal authority had recently decided to hold all the social occasions. "We won't allow the rulers to seek shelter behind the Covid pandemic," he said. 

Amidst the creating question over the emerging political choice achieves the Gilgit Baltistan territory, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced a limitation on congregations and parties. 

In an area after a get-together of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) on Covid, the Prime Minister had proclaimed a restriction on political gatherings and parties, similarly as a forbiddance on social affairs and crowds of more than 300 people, Geo News itemized. 

"The focal minister of Gilgit-Baltistan uncovered to us that the Covid spread basically after the political races," he said. 

India has pounded Islamabad for its decision to hold choices in the improperly elaborate region of Gilgit-Baltistan, saying that any action to change the status of the zone has no legal reason. (ANI)

Trump anticipated to order further troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq

US President Donald Trump (Photo credit: Reuters Pictures)

Washington [US], November 17 (ANI): US military leaders are envisioning that a conventional request given by President Donald Trump when this week will start a further withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq before Trump leaves office on January 20, as per two US authorities on Monday.

The authorities said that the Pentagon has given a notification to officers known as a "notice request" to start wanting to diminish the quantity of troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 soldiers and 2,500 in Iraq by January 15, revealed CNN.

Presently, there are roughly 4,500 US troops in Afghanistan and 3,000 soldiers in Iraq.

On October 7, Trump had tweeted: "We ought to have the little leftover number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!"

Previous Secretary of Defense Mark Esper sent an ordered reminder not long ago to the White House affirming that it was the consistent proposal of the hierarchy of leadership that the US not draw down its troop presence in Afghanistan any further until conditions were met, sources educated. The reminder is accepted to be one reason why Esper was terminated by Trump.

As per CNN, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn't scrutinize Trump straightforwardly on Monday while talking about the drawdown designs yet cautioned of the expected repercussions of a fast withdrawal of US powers from Afghanistan, saying it would "hurt our partners".

"There's no American who doesn't wish the battle in Afghanistan against fear mongers and their empowering influences had just been convincingly won," he said. "In any case, that doesn't change the real decision before us now. A quick withdrawal of the US powers from Afghanistan currently would hurt our partners and pleasure - enchant - the individuals who wish us hurt," he said in a discourse from the Senate floor.

The choice to haul extra soldiers out of Iraq comes as the Trump organization has moved to diminish the US military's impression there as of late.

In the interim, CNN detailed that however State Department authorities realized it was conceivable Trump could arrange an extra troop drawdown in Afghanistan yet they didn't realize that the Pentagon had sent this admonition request, two State Department authorities said. (ANI)

12th BRICS Summit to be held virtually today

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Moscow [Russia], November 17 (ANI): The 12th edition of BRICS Summit facilitated by Russia, under the topic of 'Worldwide Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth', will be held for all intents and purposes on Tuesday.

PM Narendra Modi will go to the highest point at the greeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin, educated the Ministery of External Affairs (MEA) on Monday.

"During the twelfth Summit, held in the setting of the 75th Anniversary of UN and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, pioneers would examine intra-BRICS collaboration and main points of contention in the worldwide setting, including the change of the multilateral framework, measures to relieve the effect of the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, participation in counter-psychological warfare, exchange, wellbeing, energy and individuals to individuals trades," MEA said.

India will be assuming control over the chairship of the BRICS, which would be the third BRICS Presidency for the nation since its commencement, after 2012 and 2016, and will have the thirteenth BRICS Summit in 2021, the proclamation said.

PM Modi will confront Chinese President Xi Jinping for the second time after the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) highest point, in the midst of progressing outskirt questions between the two nations.

The members of the culmination will examine participation possibilities and global plan said the Russian unfamiliar service on Monday.

"The heads of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will talk about the present status of participation inside the body and its possibilities, they will trade assessments on squeezing issues on the global and territorial plan, they will recap the consequences of Russia's BRICS administration this year, and furthermore organize positions considering the G20 highest point, booked for November 21-22," Russian unfamiliar service said in an assertion, Sputnik cited.

The culmination is being held in the setting of the 75th commemoration of the United Nations and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. (ANI)

Restrictive measures stopped explosive growth in COVID-19 incidence: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Berlin [Germany], November 17 (ANI/Sputnik): The prohibitive measures presented in Germany in November assisted with halting the unstable development in the occurrence of the novel Covid illness (COVID-19) in the nation and the specialists will settle on additional activities one week from now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Germany forced a "delicate" lockdown from November 2 until the month's end, which, in addition to other things, suggests limitations on cooking foundations (just takeaway or conveyance orders are conceivable), retraction of amusement occasions, and limitation of contacts.

On Monday, Merkel examined with the heads of German locales the circumstance with the COVID-19 spread in the nation. The sides didn't arrive at agreement on a potential fixing of measures, however embraced stricter proposals to residents to restrict contacts.

"For an interval appraisal, this is a decent choice. We will keep on planning for another gathering, where longer-term arrangements will be examined, consistently dependent on the objective that we ought to have the option to follow contacts [of those infected]. This implies [to accomplish the objective of] 50 new cases for every 100,000 populace in seven days," Merkel told columnists after the gathering.

"We actually have far to go, however fortunately we have halted remarkable development and this satisfies us all," she said. (ANI/Sputnik)

Canada allots USD 1.1 million to fight COVID-19 misinformation

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Ottawa [Canada], November 17 (ANI/Sputnik): Canada is contributing USD 1.15 million towards fighting misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Affairs Canada said in a statement at the conclusion of the Global Conference on Media Freedom.

"[Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe] Champagne ... announced USD 1.5 million [USD 1.15 million USD] for the Lifeline Project to Tackle the COVID-19 Infodemic, a BBC Media Action project working with journalists in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia to create clear, fact-based COVID-19 content," the statement said on Monday.

The second Global Conference for Media Freedom was co-hosted by Canada and Botswana. The summit coalesced world leaders, media experts and advocates to explore solutions to what experts referred to as growing distrust in traditional media sources, a tide of disinformation and misinformation among other issues.

During the six-hour event, experts rankled over striking the right balance between competing principles of censorship, objectivity and freedom of the press and expression in the context of growing social media influence and amid the deadly global pandemic.

The policy- and decision-makers also urged governments to ensure the independence and freedom of the press and called for greater access and security for members of the media.

Champagne later told reporters that Estonia will be hosting next year's edition of the conference. (ANI/Sputnik)

Thousands of chickens culled in Denmark as new bird flu outbreak emerges

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Copenhagen [Denmark], November 17 (ANI/Sputnik): A bird flu outbreak has forced the Danish authorities to cull about 25,000 chickens in central Jutland, according to the country's Veterinary and Food Administration.

"Samples from the Statens Serum Institut showed on Monday afternoon that a chicken herd in Trustrup near Randers has been affected by the contagious bird flu H5N8, which has a high mortality rate among chickens," the agency said in a statement.

According to the release, all the infected birds were culled and two restriction zones (3 and 10 kilometres) have been created to monitor birds and poultry in the area close to the farm.

Earlier this month, bird flu was found in wild birds in Denmark's Jutland region.

The H5N8 strain of avian influenza (bird flu) is currently circulating in different parts of Europe, including Germany and France.

The French Agriculture and Food Ministry announced on Monday that a case of the highly pathogenic avian influenza had been confirmed in Haute-Corse (Upper Corsica), at the pet department of a garden center located near Bastia.

The H5N8 bird flu strain has no history of reported infections in humans. (ANI/Sputnik)

WHO expert confirms 65 coronavirus cases among headquarters staff since beginning of the pandemic

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Geneva [Switzerland], November 17 (ANI): The World Health Organization on Monday (nearby time) uncovered that 65 individuals from staff have tried positive for Covid since the start of the pandemic.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, an aggregate of 65 WHO staff positioned in Geneva- - telecommuting and on location - have tried positive for COVID-19. We have not yet settled whether any transmission has happened nearby, yet are investigating the issue," WHO tweeted.

In the accompanying tweet, it stated, "WHO staff who were affirmed positive with COVID-19 in Geneva have gotten the essential clinical consideration. WHO did full contact following and related conventions. Upgraded cleaning conventions were actualized in significant workplaces."

"Out of the 65 recorded COVID-19 cases among WHO HQ staff to date, 49 have happened over the most recent two months, in accordance with the epidemiological circumstance in Geneva and encompassing regions," WHO added.

As per the most recent information by Johns Hopkins University, internationally upwards of 54,678,159 individuals have tried COVID-19 positive and 1,321,403 passings have been accounted for up until this point. (ANI)

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