Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Instagram to allow users live stream for as long as 4 hours

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Washington [US], October 28: Photo-sharing application Instagram reported on Tuesday (nearby time) it has broadened as far as possible for live streams from an hour to four hours. The change is worldwide and applies to all Instagram clients. 

The explanation for the move, Instagram stated, is helping makers - yoga teachers, artists, craftsmen, cooks, and such - to do longer meetings with their crowd without being intruded on consistently, revealed Mashable, 

Notwithstanding, this might be accessible to accounts "on favorable terms," with no set of experiences of IP or strategy infringement, Instagram said. 

According to Instagram, it is likewise adding the choice to chronicle live transmissions for up to 30 days. 

"Presently your live recordings will be kept in your file. No one but you can see them. After your live recordings end, they will be accessible in your file for 30 days. You can download your live recordings to your gadget or transfer them to IGTV from your document," said a notification that will be appeared to clients on dispatch, revealed Mashable. 

Instagram said this new element will dispatch 'soon.' 

The organization likewise said that it will refresh the 'Live Now' segment on IGTV and toward the finish of a live stream, with furnishing individuals with more substance that may intrigue them, both from the makers they follow, and those they don't.

Friday, October 23, 2020

WhatsApp for Business new feature to help shopping experience within chat

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Washington [US], October 23 (ANI): Instant messaging application WhatsApp Business will soon be rolling out a new feature to let users shop for goods and services right from the chat window. The feature is currently under development.

According to Mashable, as part of the new feature, all the WhatsApp business account users would be directly able to provide product catalogues to their customers from within the chat window. A shopping button will be added on WhatsApp which will be rolled out in India soon.

The shopping button will let users add items to a cart, and check out from within the WhatsApp chat. This new feature is aimed towards aiding small businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

As reported by Mashable, apart from that, WhatsApp also recently announced that it will now charge businesses for some services on the WhatsApp Business app. Facebook hasn't yet revealed the pricing details. But, what this means is that businesses will have to pay for certain services. However, WhatsApp for Business app will continue to remain free for end-users. (ANI)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Quibi apps arrive on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV

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California [US], October 21 (ANI): American short-form mobile video platform Quibi has just launched apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. The streaming service company announced the change in an updated support article.

According to The Verge, these apps follow Quibi's ongoing attempts to get more eyes on its content after launching as a mobile-only app. The company first made the content more shareable in May and followed that soon after with AirPlay and Chromecast support.

A new report in The Information claims that co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg has attempted to sell Quibi's programming to Facebook and NBCUniversal while telling others he may have to shut down the company entirely.

As reported by The Verge, Quibi has struggled to scale since its launch, dealing with a lackluster reaction to its first collection of content and a drop in subscribers after its 90-day trial offered at launch ended. (ANI)

Monday, October 19, 2020

Tech giant Google shuts down 'Trusted Contacts' app, will end support by December 1

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California [US], October 19 (ANI): Tech giant Google recently shut down its Trusted Contacts app that allowed its users to share location with a trusted contact (parents, family, or kids) when in an emergency.

According to Mashable, as mentioned on the Google page, Trusted Contacts will not be supported after December 1, 2020. If the app is installed on a device, the user can continue to use it until the said date. However, the support will end post-December this year.

Google stated that the user can share location with others during emergencies by setting up 'Location Sharing' on Google Maps. Apart from location sharing, one can enjoy a slew of other safety features on Google Maps.

As per Mashable, the tech company had announced the 'Trusted Contacts' feature back in 2016 where it was first launched only for Android users as a means to share location with others. However, the app is now not available anymore on the Apple app store and Google Play Store. (ANI)

Friday, October 16, 2020

Tech Start-ups helping businesses and people in India's Unlock 5.0 to fight against Covid-19

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New Delhi [India], October 16 (ANI): As India entered in Unlock 5.0 with restrictions being lifted and cinemas, theatres and multiplexes are allowed to open with up to 50 per cent seating capacity after seven months, technology would play a vital role in providing a safe environment to the people amid coronavirus pandemic.

From robots cleaning floors, to safe parking, to serving at restaurants, malls and tablets being used to check COVID compliance, technological innovations can be seen everywhere. Several indigenous start-ups have come-together to make our lives safe and secure as the country gears to go back to normalcy. In the days to come, these contactless technologies will revolutionise the way normal life for the post COVID world.

The five start-ups that have brought various innovations to keep us safe during the pandemic:

Bluesemi: This Hyderabad based startup is building the Internet of things (IoT) devices for a smart and sustainable technology revolution. During Covid-19, Bluesemi has introduced a new device called SENS - a contactless temperature-sensing device with medical-grade accuracy giving the temperature reading within 5 seconds and it will automatically detect a person in 15 cm distance. It is paired with its own app. SENS can help figure out who can work and who must stay at home.

Additionally, App will issue a risk alert if the temperature is above a certain acceptable threshold and a long-lasting efficient battery - charge will last up to 15 days at a time, with battery health notification on the sensor as well as on the app.

VAMS Global: A leading provider of Visitor Management Systems. During Covid-19 VAMS Global has come up with new device VAMS SafeGuard which scan individuals through a distance of 18" and checks permissible body temperate, check mask compliance, embedded with face and palm recognition sensor, VAMS SafeGuard offers 100 per cent hands-free hygienic user authentication.

In case of high temperature or mask complaint defaults, the device will generate a signal to prevent entry. Real-time visibility of people inside the premises can be administered. In case of any emergency, an alert notification can be generated that helps them to evacuate the premises immediately for the security or admin team.

Magneto: Magneto - UVGI Sanitization for Theatres - The clean-tech start-up recently launched Central Air Cleaner for Home ACS leverages UVGI- and ECF-powered technology to protect all kinds of ACs from transmitting COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, can float in the air. In particular, it can linger in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, spreading farther than 6 feet from its source. The indoor public spaces are at high risk.

In order to combat this situation, Magneto Cleantech has launched Magneto Central Air Cleaner High Wall and Cassette Series to sanitize indoor air for all kinds of environments including theatres, homes, offices, restaurants, shops, clinics, salons, gyms etc. Leveraging MCAC's legendary 'Trap & Kill' technology, this new cutting-edge cleantech solution integrates with any make and capacity of split or cassette ACs to sanitize the indoor air by removing PM 00.01, PM 2.5, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne microorganisms including SARS-COV-2. This innovative technology brings the proven efficacy of Magneto Central Air Cleaner against COVID-19 to much smaller versions of air conditioners, thereby helping safeguard people's health against fatal air-borne contractions at a larger scale.

Park+ Automated smart parking in India: A smart parking start-up has introduced a tech-driven social distancing solution for malls. The newly-launched solutions are aimed at preparing malls/offices/cinema halls for reopening and ensuring maximum safety while searching for a parking spot. This app will enable the mall personnel to check-in and out of customers as well as track and check body temperatures. Customers will also have to scan a QR code before entering or leaving a shop, which will help keep a real-time check on the number of footfalls in each store.

Green Grapes Devices: Delhi-based startup has built two solutions for startups returning to office including a wall-mounted automatic infrared thermometer, automated sanitiser dispenser and sanitisation gun. The infrared thermometer is a non-contact body temperature equipment that reads the body temperature of any individual standing in front of it. On the other hand, the automated sanitiser dispenser uses a motion sensor to detect the presence of hands under the nozzle and dispenses just the right amount of sanitizer. (ANI)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Panasonic announces tiny box-style video camera

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Washington [US], October 13 (ANI): Panasonic has announced Lumix BGH1, a unique device that the company describes as a "box-style mirror-less cinema and live event camera."

According to The Verge, the mini camera has a Micro Four Thirds sensor and a compact cubic design, with one of the camera's sides almost completely dominated by the lens mount.

Designed for versatility, expandability, and ease of installation, the BGH1 camera can be used in multi-camera situations involving drones, live streaming, and other complex setups. The camera has Power over Ethernet+, meaning it can be powered with the same cable that connects it to a network, and up to 12 of them can be controlled at once with the accompanying Lumix Tether for Multi-camera app.

The sensor is 10.2 megapixels, presumably to optimise the camera for 4K video recording. The camera can shoot footage at 4:2:0 10-bit C4K/4K 60p or 4:2:2 10-bit All-I C4k/4K 30p, and there is an option to capture in Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) for broadcast-ready HDR.

The Verge reported other features of 'Lumix BGH1' which include dual UHS-II SD card slots, USB-C 3.1, HDMI output (up to 4K 4:2:2 10-bit C4K/4K 60p), 3G-SDI, a 3.5mm in/out jack, WiFi and Bluetooth, and the ability to output desqueezed anamorphic footage over Ethernet, SDI, or USB-C. Panasonic is also releasing a free SDK to let people create camera control tools that work with USB.

The Lumix BGH1 will be out this December for USD 1,999.99. Panasonic plans to release more information about the camera during a YouTube launch event at 12 PM ET on Tuesday. (ANI)

Monday, October 12, 2020

Facebook to remove content that denies or distorts the Holocaust

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Washington [US], October 12 (ANI): Facebook has announced it would remove all content that "denies or distorts the Holocaust."

This expansion of its hate speech policies is a response to 'the well-documented rise in anti-Semitism globally and the alarming level of ignorance about the Holocaust, especially among young people', said the company.

According to The Verge, Facebook has previously faced strong criticism for letting Holocaust denial content spread freely on its platform.

Later this year, the company will direct anyone searching on its platform for terms related to this topic to 'credible information' supplied by third-party sources, reported The Verge.

"Enforcement of these policies cannot happen overnight. There is a range of content that can violate these policies, and it will take some time to train our reviewers and systems on enforcement," said Monika Bickert, Facebook's Vice President of content policy, in a blog post.

Earlier this year, Facebook had said it would ban anti-Semitic stereotypes that depict Jewish people as "running the world or its major institutions." But a report a week later by a UK counter-extremism group, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), found that the company's algorithm 'actively promotes' Holocaust denial content.

Removing content that denies or distorts the Holocaust may seem like an obvious decision for a company that is frequently accused of enabling hate speech. But in the past, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, has presented the company's tolerance of Holocaust denial as an example of its commitment to principles of free speech, stated The Verge.

In a recent Facebook post, Zuckerberg said his thinking on the matter had 'evolved,' in part in response to a climate of 'rising anti-Semitism.'

"I have struggled with the tension between standing for free expression and the harm caused by minimising or denying the horror of the Holocaust," said Zuckerberg. "My own thinking has evolved as I have seen data showing an increase in anti-Semitic violence, as have our wider policies on hate speech. Drawing the right lines between what is and isn't acceptable speech isn't straightforward, but with the current state of the world, I believe this is the right balance."

The Holocaust was the state-sponsored killing of six million Jewish men, women, and children by the Nazis in Germany under Adolf Hitler during World War II. (ANI)

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Photo-sharing app Instagram brings new change to Threads application

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Washington [US], October 8 (ANI): Photo-sharing application Instagram on Wednesday (local time) rolled out an update to the Threads application.

According to The Verge, the new update allows users to use the Threads application to message any Instagram user.

The application earlier only allowed user
s to message the users added to their close friends' list. (ANI)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Youtube allows its premium subscribers to test in-development features

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Washington [US], October 7 (ANI): Video-sharing platform YouTube has changed the way it tests new features. The platform is now allowing its Premium subscribers access to experimental products in the development pipeline, according to XDA-Developers.

As per The Verge, previously, those features were tested by Google users picked at random to beta test.

The new features available for Premium subscribers to test currently, include watching videos with sound and seeking on your YouTube homepage on iOS; voice searching for YouTube videos on-site (only on Chrome); and filtering by topic in additional languages. The language at the top of YouTube's experimental features page also says that Premium members can only access these features for a limited time.

YouTube Premium costs USD 11.99 a month, and it also gives the users an ad-free viewing, background play, and access to YouTube Music, among other features. (ANI)

Monday, October 5, 2020

iPhone users can avail Live View in Google Maps for better location sharing

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California [US], October 5 (ANI): Augmented reality in Google Maps bring digital arrows, pins, and markers right in front of you as you walk while looking through your phone's camera. Google Maps calls it Live View, it's been around since August 2019, and it's incredibly helpful when a person is trying to get oriented or find an address or pinned location.

According to Mashable, Google Maps announced on Thursday (local time) that iPhone users will "soon" get to experience an updated Live View when location sharing, along with all Android users. Pixel -- that's Google's own smartphone -- users last month started seeing this upgraded Live View, which features even more helpful arrows and direction guidance to find a pinned location.

Now, if the user opens Live View in the Maps app when a friend shares a pin while chilling in the park, the user will see arrows and directions telling him/her exactly where to walk. This works best once the user is in the vicinity and have the phone held out in front of the walking path. The user needs to click on Live View and instead of guessing which meadow the other person is, the user will be directed right to the other person's direction.

Mashable reported that Google Maps has also updated its Live View to label landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building and put pinned location markers in more accurate alignment. The list of cities where landmarks will show up includes- Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dubai, Florence, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York, Osaka, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, and Vienna.

Live View only works on newer phones that are compatible with AR. (ANI)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Facebook merges Messenger with Instagram's direct messages

Image shared by Facebook (Image courtesy: Facebook)

Washington [US], September 30 (ANI): Photo-sharing platform Instagram on Wednesday started rolling out the option to connect Instagram direct messages with Messenger. It means that one can now send messages to Messenger people from Instagram, and the other way around.

According to Mashable, the new feature, which will show up to some users when they open the app, the users can still keep their Messenger and Instagram DMs separate if they wish to do so.

However, if the user does update, the somewhat simple messaging experience on Instagram will become very similar to Messenger. This means Instagram users will be getting features such as message forwarding and customising chat threads with custom colours and nicknames.

A bunch of new features, including selfie stickers, Watch Together (which lets you watch trending videos with friends) and vanish mode, which enables you to set messages to automatically disappear after a certain time has also been added. Facebook said that some features will hit Instagram first and arrive on Messenger soon after that.

As per Mashable, the merge makes it easier for people using just one of those platforms to reach out and contact people on the other platform, without the need to download a separate app. Moreover, the messages and calls from Instagram to Instagram users will stay in the Instagram app.

In his remarks from early 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned end-to-end encryption as one of the key benefits of merging all of Facebook's messaging platforms together. (WhatsApp and Messenger already support end-to-end encryption, but Instagram does not.)

However, Facebook did not mention encryption as part of this update. According to Wired, the company plans to add end-to-end encryption to Instagram in the future, but there's no clear timeline yet.

Facebook will be introducing this update to users over the next few months. (ANI)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Here's a list of top companies helping in social commerce boom in India

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Washington [US], September 29 (ANI): Social media has emerged beyond just a networking tool but it has also become a platform for the Direct to Consumer (D2C) segment and the key drivers enabling Social Commerce in India.

There are nearly 200 million active social media users in India currently, and the number is expected to grow to around 370 million by 2022. Categories such as fashion, consumer healthcare, baby products, food and beverage industry, financial services, beauty, personal care, and women care are gaining prominence on social networking sites.

In India, social media platforms are an important part of a shopping journey for millennials and more. Not only buyers but sellers also are attracted to social media to get more customers. A majority of consumers purchase products due to social media recommendations. Hence, Social commerce is a next-generation trend that will reshape the future of commerce.

Here is the list of platforms that are enabling the Social Commerce boom in India.

1. Shiprocket - It is an e-commerce shipping and enablement platform for SMBs. With 20 courier partners on board, the brand enables pan-India as well as international shipping deliveries.

The platform also helps such small sellers with its variety of services from Website developments, Live tracking of package, packaging solution, and act as a fulfillment partner to its sellers right from where the order is placed to customer doorstep.

2. Meesho - An Indian-origin social commerce platform that enables small businesses and individuals to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru and aims to soothe some of the WhatsApp commerce pain points by moving much of the buying experience to its dedicated mobile shopping app.

3. Facebook - The tech giant is a powerhouse for advertising and virtual goods with 500 million people using the service to communicate and share information with their friends.

Post the launch of Shops on Facebook; it enabled businesses to display and sell products on the platform. The move comes as small businesses around the world have been using social media for such purposes but in an unorganised manner.

This is an interesting place to play in by allowing users will have the ability to directly contact a business using either Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct Message to ask questions or track orders and deliveries.

The biggest e-commerce use of Facebook thus far has been to drive traffic back to their websites through ads, or by posting deals or new products on Facebook.

4. Instagram - The Facebook-owned picture and video-sharing social networking service that allows users to upload media, which can be edited with filters and organised with tags and location information and shared among users across countries.

Instagram has been proven to be a very good medium for sellers across geographies and sectors for selling products. Be it a food lover, fashion enthusiast, Handicrafts artist, or a painter, Instagram has generated business for both small and big sellers by providing a platform with millions of reach.

5. Glowroad - It is the most reseller app in India. It is a social selling platform that provides earning opportunities for Indian women and small businesses. It also provides an opportunity for graduate students to start their own business and earn money.

With 6 million resellers across 2000+ cities, Glowroad gives user access to a virtual shop, millions of products from trusted suppliers, payments, and shipping facilities thereby making a hassle-free experience for its users. (ANI)

Monday, September 28, 2020

iPhone users will soon be able to stream and play Xbox games

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Washington [US], September 28 (ANI): Microsoft is about to release a new update to the Xbox App on iOS which will let the users stream and play Xbox One games on the iPhone.

According to Mashable, this obviously isn't the same as cloud gaming and is something that's only probably useful to owners of Xbox One consoles. The new feature which includes remote play will let the user stream Xbox games directly from his/her own console over WiFi or mobile internet.

To make use of this, users will have to log in to their Xbox accounts and make sure the console's got access to power. While making use of remote play, the console won't start with a sound or show that it's powered on with the light at the front.

The new iOS update isn't available for all users yet though as Microsoft is only testing it with TestFlight members. But since the Android-counterpart of the application has been rolled out already, the application should soon be publicly available on iOS too.

As reported by Mashable, apart from letting the user stream Xbox games, the application also will also let them manage console space and delete games. The player can also download and share game clips from your gaming sessions via the application. (ANI)

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Google Meet version to limit meetings to 60 mins on free plans after Sept 30

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California [US], September 27 (ANI): Tech giant Google's video chat platform Google Meet has announced that after September 30, free versions of Meet will be limited to meetings no longer than 60 minutes.

A Google spokesperson told The Verge in an email, "We don't have anything to communicate regarding changes to the promo and advanced features expiring. If this changes, we'll be sure to let you know."

Under the extension, anyone with a Google account could create free meetings with up to 100 people, and with no time limit.

The Verge reported that the deadline of September 30 is also applicable to other features like access to advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education customers, including allowing meetings of up to 250 participants, live-streams of up to 100,000 people within a single domain, and the ability to save meeting recordings to Google Drive.

Those features are normally only available to customers on the "enterprise" tier of G Suite, which costs USD 25 per user per month.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Google Meet and other video-conferencing platforms have been chasing the meteoric rise of Zoom, with Meet passing 100 million daily participants back in April. (ANI)

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Spotify partners with Chernin Entertainment to adapt podcasts for movies

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Stockholm [Sweden], September 26 (ANI): Spotify has joined hands with Chernin Entertainment to develop TV and movie pitches based on Spotify-exclusive and original podcasts.

"Spotify has one of the largest libraries of unattached IP that exists in the world today--and that library is being added to daily, Chernin Entertainment Chairman and CEO Peter Chernin said in an official statement.

"This treasure trove of content plus the acceleration of new voices and stories provides an enormous opportunity to transform these addictive stories and IP into content for the screen," he added.

The partnership will include access to more than 250 Spotify originals from around the world.

"As we continue to expand our content ambitions, we are thrilled to collaborate with Peter Chernin, who, along with his exceptional team, are the perfect partners to help us share these stories with audiences across mediums and around the world," said Spotify Chief Content and Advertising Business Officer Dawn Ostroff in an official statement. (ANI)

'Doom Eternal' to come to Xbox Game Pass on Oct 1

A still from 'Doom Eternal' (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Washington [US], September 26 (ANI): Microsoft announced the addition of ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries into its Xbox Game Studios group earlier this week, and soon, Xbox Game Pass will gain its first title from one of the studios included in that deal.

According to Mashable, confirming a previous tease, id Software's video game 'Doom Eternal' will be added into the Xbox Game Pass for Console subscription on October 1, with the PC service incoming later in 2020.

The Doom Slayer's latest escapades released in March this year and went on to break launch sales records, doubling what was achieved with the 2016 Doom. 'Doom Eternal's' story takes the war against hell to Earth, providing the Slayer with more demons to rip and tear using a variety of new upgrades and weaponry.

Mashable reported that it's unclear why the PC version is not arriving alongside the Xbox One variant to Xbox Game Pass, but at least it is confirmed to be coming at a later date.

Xbox Game Pass grants players access to more than 100 games for 10 bucks a month.

'Doom Eternal' is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia. Bethesda has announced the game is also coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in 2021. The game's first big expansion, 'The Ancient Gods - Part One' launches on 20th October. (ANI)

Thursday, September 24, 2020

A look at few Indian startups acing AtmaNirbhar game in Indian Med Tech Industry

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New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI): At the time of coronavirus pandemic, where there is an urgent need for innovation in the medical industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the Indian startups to innovate and become AtmaNirbhar (self-sufficient). With the advent of new-age startups pivoting and bringing solutions for COVID 19, the Indian Med Tech Industry saw a lot of boost and support. Many Indian Startups aced the aspirational AtmaNirbhar game and are supporting India with their innovation.

Let's look at a few of these startups.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when there is a need for innovation in the medical industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the Indian startups to innovate and become AtmaNirbhar. In the pandemic, startups stepped up to innovate and find solutions that can help India fight the COVID 19 battle. This led to a lot of disruption in the Indian medical industry. With the advent of new-age startups pivoting and bringing solutions for COVID 19, the Indian Med Tech Industry saw a lot of boost and support. Many Indian Startups aced the aspirational AtmaNirbharga me and are supporting India with their innovation.

Let's look at a few of these startups.

1. Nocca Robotics: An incubatee company of IIT Kanpur launched a high-flow oxygen therapy device to help in the treatment of coronavirus-positive patients, and reduce the chances of them having to undergo painful intubation procedures to help them breathe.

2. Chakra Innovation: IIT-Delhi's incubated startup Chakr innovation has recently come up with 'Chakr DeCoV' that will help decontaminate N95 masks. Chakr DeCoV has been designed with an innovative decontamination mechanism and it appears in a form of a cabinet, inside which masks can be placed.

3. Thinkerbell Labs: Bengaluru-based startup, Thinkerbell Labs has received a grant by the Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health Crisis (CAWACH), an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for developing 'Chakravyuh', a product that helps to collect and analyze real-time data on COVID-19.

4. Minion Labs: Bengaluru-based Energy Analytics startup MinionLabs, has introduced a new product 'MinionLabs UV Saaph' - a disinfectant machine that can sterilise the surface of anything in less than 10 minutes. Designed in the shape of a microwave, MinionLabs UV Saaph Standard has a disinfection chamber with a total capacity of 28 litres. It provides 360-degree exposure of ultraviolet-C (UVC) to the objects placed inside the cabinet to sanitize them. The UVC light technology kills 99.99% of SARS-COV-2, and other pathogens like germs, bacteria and fungicides.

5. Marut Dronetech: They have developed two types of drones that are being used by the Telangana government and various departments across the state. The drones are being deployed for spraying disinfectant in public spaces to prevent the coronavirus. They can disinfect 50 times more area than what can be done using traditional methods. (ANI)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Apple launches online store in India

Apple Online Store (Image courtesy: Twitter)

New Delhi [India], September 23 (ANI): Apple has finally marked its first retail presence in the country by way of its very own e-commerce portal named Apple Store Online. The store offers a full range of its products and services directly to customers across India.

According to Mashable, the online
 store offers a range of new services that haven't been available to Indian users before. The customers can now interact with Apple Specialists, who can help customers with a range of product-related queries - from custom-configuring a Mac to set up new devices. Customers can get advice, receive guidance, and learn about new products directly from Apple in Hindi and English.

Through its financing options and trade-in program, the platform also offers a range of affordable services and products. Students can shop for a Mac or iPad with special pricing and receive discounts on accessories. The Cupertino giant's AppleCare+ service - which extends the standard two-year limited warranty and adds accidental damage coverage - is also being offered to Indian customers for the first time.

As reported by Mashable, Apple has also rolled out a contactless delivery option to minimise exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic. Orders that do not require a signature will be left at the customer's door, and those that do will need only a verbal confirmation from a safe distance instead of a written signature.

A range of no-contact or limited-contact payment options is also being made available to buyers, who can pay for items via credit and debit card, credit card EMI, RuPay, UPI, Net Banking, and credit card on delivery.

Apple is also offering "signature" gift wrap and personalised engraving on select products. For example, AirPods can be adorned with emoji or text in English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Engraving is available for iPad and Apple Pencil too but is restricted to English text.

Mashable reported that following today's launch, Apple's next steps in India include a flagship brick-and-mortar store set to open in Mumbai in 2021. (ANI)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Top platforms to help student navigate for right scholarship for future study plans abroad

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Washington [US], September 22 (ANI): Every year thousands of students aspire to study abroad, and are on a lookout for the right scholarship which can help them to get admission to their dream college. To help the students narrow their search for the best scholarship here is the list of top platforms that can help choose the right scholarship to pursue education overseas:


Edvoy is a digital-driven AI - platform that was created by a highly experienced team at IEC Abroad. It was founded by Sadiq Basha, who is also the CEO and Founder of IEC Abroad. Edvoy focuses on empowering students worldwide through impartial advice by making them informed to make better decisions about their future. It not only helps place students into institutions, but Edvoy makes it a seamless process for the students with the help of a centralized process. Established in 2007, IEC has a multi-lingual team of over 100 highly qualified education consultants and has placed over 20,000 students worldwide. Edvoy further simplifies the application process by navigating the right scholarship options for the students through Artificial Intelligence to help them make the best decision about their academic future in their dream countries, which are the UK, US, Cannada and many more.

Study Group

Study Group is the leading global company that prepares international students for university degree programmes, teaches high school education, and teaches English language courses. Study Group owns and operates colleges and has been working with more than 40 universities across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia for 25 years. They foster ambitious students from multiple academic backgrounds and prepare them for success at their chosen university through their on-campus International study centers. Study Group has the most extensive global marketing and recruitment network in the industry, helping the institutions they work with to connect with International students in over 140 countries.

Their pathway programs provide the language, academic and social skills that students need for university progression and continued success after they graduate. It helps the students by navigating them through multiple universities and best scholarship packages available to them and making it a hassle-free process for them.


Buddy4study is India's largest scholarship network that provides detailed information about current scholarships and competitions to schools and college students. They provide easy access to scholarships and simplify scholarship accessibility for students and disbursement process for providers. It has helped more than 45,000 students to get scholarships worth more than INR 50 crores through international and national scholarships. It helps in providing matching scholarships based on the profile of a student through email/app notifications. Backed by its robust scholarship search engine, it is the only platform in the country that allows both seekers and scholarship providers to access curated scholarship information across the globe.

Leverage Edu

Founded in 2017 by Akshay Chaturvedi, Leverage Edu is one of the world's fastest-growing ed-tech companies. It is an AI-enabled market place that empowers students across India to choose the best-matched career and higher education options, with one-touch access to personalized mentors and leading global universities. The platform brings together 2000 + mentors from around the world today. It is transforming access to higher education and accelerating exponential career growth by coordinating mentorship, breaking traditional systems, and helping new students jump over the artificial high walls. It further uses AI to help students in pursuit of finding their best-matched scholarship according to their profile. The company also helps enrolled students on its platform with value-added services like education loans, accommodation options, and long - term mentoring. (ANI)

iPhone's latest change helps users set Gmail as default email client

Gmail logo

California [US], September 22 (ANI): Tech giant Google has updated its latest version of Gmail, adding the option for it to become the default email option on iPhones.

According to Mashable, the new option is in response to a change made by Apple to the new iOS 14, which dropped last week. At WWDC i
n June, Apple announced that users would be able to change their default web option from Apple's Safari browser and switch the Mail email service to non-Apple services.

Until now, if the users opened a link, it would open in Safari. Or if one clicked on a person's email to send them a message, a new email would open in Mail. If a Gmail user wanted to send a person an email, the user would have to specifically open Gmail, compose a new message, and either copy and paste or type in their email.

However, now, if one has made his/her default email client Gmail, and if he/she wants to go to a contact in the phone, they need to click on that person's email, which will lead to a new email addressed to that address will open in Gmail.

As Mashable reported, Chrome was able to take advantage of Apple's new flexibility with an update last week, while the update came to Gmail on Monday. Once the user updates to iOS 14, they can go to Settings and click on Gmail. Then, click on the 'Default Mail App' bar, and select Gmail from the list. (ANI)

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