Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PS5 launch title 'Destruction AllStars' postponed to Feb 2021

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Washington [US], October 27: Sony is delaying the release of 'Destruction AllStars'. Rather than dispatching close by the PlayStation 5, the 'Rocket League' - like the title is presently scheduled to turn out in February 2021. 

As per Engadget, to compensate for the delay, PlayStation Plus endorsers will get the opportunity to download 'Destruction AllStars' for nothing for a time of two months after its delivery. 

Sony stated, " 'Destruction AllStars' is a multiplayer game that is at its best when you're contending with gamers online from all around the globe. We need however many individuals as could reasonably be expected to encounter the commotion on PS5, and what preferable approach to do that over to give the game to our PlayStation Plus individuals?" 

On the off chance that the gamers have as of now pre-requested the game, Sony said that they will get a discount. The organization additionally vowed to share another trailer that will flaunt a greater amount of the title's ongoing interaction. 

Engadget reported, 'Destruction AllStars' is the work of by UK-based developer Lucid Games. The studio is comprised of individuals who dealt with Sony's WipEout arrangement.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Triton-EV debuts 100 per cent Electric Full-Service 18-Wheeler Semi Truck

Triton-EV logo

New Jersey [United States], Oct 26 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Triton-EV, the revolutionary new subsidiary of Triton Solar, a leader in solar panel and battery engineering, announced today that it has produced a 100 per cent electric- powered, full-service 18-wheeler semi-truck.

The truck, which is a hybrid of hydrogen fuels that generate electricity stored in on-board batteries, has a 220,000-pound towing capacity--the same as any comparable diesel truck on the road. Triton-EV was able to produce the prototype in just over one month, a remarkable achievement considering the typical years-long development cycle for computing vehicles in the industry.

"We decided to go for it," explained Himanshu Patel, Founder and CEO of Triton-EV.
"Everyone was saying, 'No, it can't be done. It will take five years and a hundred million dollars.' We thought, no, we can do it right now. We have the people and the components. The whole effort took 35 days. That's the kind of team we have." The entire effort was self-funded.

The trend in the industry is to emphasize hydrogen while using relatively few batteries. This causes an issue with torque, as hydrogen does not usually generate enough torque to haul an 80,000-pound trailer at sufficient speed and acceleration. Triton-EV took the opposite approach, with a lot of batteries and a little bit of hydrogen. "The reason we did it this way is that the hydrogen infrastructure is not there yet in the market," said Patel.

He added, "At the same time, we can use the hydrogen as the range extender." The truck uses a hydrogen fuel cell generator to put power back into the battery. The motor runs off the battery, which provides the necessary torque for a truck of this size. Triton-EV Semi-truck is estimated to have a range of approximately 350 miles and higher."

"Triton-EV has not yet determined a price for the truck, but the company expects it will sell within the existing price range in the industry, which is between USD 150,00 and USD 250,000. Triton-EV is currently exploring partnership options and will also be releasing The Triton model H SUV in the coming months," He further said.

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Ratnaafin: a prodigious financial services provider secures NBFC & Insurance broking licenses

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Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], October 26 (ANI/PRNewswire): Geared up for the next phase of major expansion, prodigious Ratnaafin has secured the mandatory license to operate as a non-banking financial corporation (NBFC) from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Ratnaafin has added another feather in its cap, bagging the insurance broking license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA).

Ratnaafin hopes to bring the much-needed financial services breather to small businesses and start-ups hit hard by the COVID-19 disruptions. The COVID-19 economic downturn has been one of the worst in recent times, affecting almost all the sectors. Ratnaafin, a financial service provider, with the insurance broking and NBFC licenses hopes to work with the small and medium enterprises, besides start-ups.

"The NBFC certification will help us cater to the needs of micro and small enterprises operating in tier 2 and 3 cities which struggle to obtain credit from mainstream banks. Our NBFC is positive and driven to bridge the gap to enable comprehensive growth to support MSMEs who lack collaterals and have limited credit history," said Nilesh Sanghvi, Co-Founder, and Director of Ratnaafin. Sanghvi is also a member of the promoter family of Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Ltd, a company with a market value of more than Rs 5,000 crores.

"The current insurance market is seller-driven, with almost no client representation, which puts the clients at a disadvantage. Ratnaafin Insurance Broking's goal is to become a tech-enabled company that will bring greater accessibility to the insurance network for the clients," said Malav Desai, another Co-Founder and Director of the company, while describing the current financial challenges.

He further stated that the goal of Ratnaafin is to offer all financial services under one single umbrella with a common digital platform, optimising deal and price discovery, credit analytics, decision-making algorithms and documentations. "With such a harmonised technological model, Ratnaafin would help in making financial decisions convenient, quick and Transparent for the user," he added.

With a retailer base of more than 1500 clients, Ratnaafin provides world-class loans, insurance and financing solutions to help individuals and organizations compete in the market all over the world. The company has so far set up four branches, while fast becoming a pioneer in the finance industry.

From arranging finance to Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector to providing home loan and corporate loan, the company has experts from various fields, giving best financial advice to valued customers. Also, Ratnaafin is the one-stop solution for all debt, loan and financial requirements, besides solving debt requirements of the customers.

Launched in 2018, Ratnaafin has successfully served more than 1000 customers and has syndicated debt transactions of more than Rs 1000 Crore. The core team has a cumulative experience of 50 plus years in finance, credit ratings, manufacturing and trading, offering a wealth of guidance during deal execution as well as a general knowhow about the market at large.

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The first app to celebrate Indian festivals 'Celebr8'


New Delhi [India] October 24 (ANI/PRNewswire): Celebr8.world announced the launch of the first app in India that will allow users to enjoy this festive season with an innovative and immersive way of celebration through visual experiences with Celebr8.

Star Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan launched the app earlier today on his Instagram handle with a Reel. "It's a different festive season for all of us this year. But, I'm sure, with the Celebr8 app, everyone will enjoy the festivities in a unique way," said Shikhar, who is exclusively managed by the talent arm of IMG-Reliance.

As one adjusts to the new normal, with online engagement taking over physical meetings, the festivities aren't complete if not enjoyed together.

Keeping this in consideration, Celebr8 provides a digital platform to retain the nostalgia of the festive season while sticking to social-safety norms - where you not only connect but also celebrate together.

"With the onset of festive celebrations, we are excited to launch the app right before Dussehra and Diwali. With restrictions on celebrating festivals across the globe due to COVID-19, we feel thrilled to be able to curate a platform like Celebr8 which lets the spirit of bonding around festivities continue in a safe and environmental-friendly manner. Going forward, we aim to become the go-to app for all festivities, large and small - making Celebr8 the global station for festivities and celebration," said Nikita Singh Gautam, Co-Founder at Celebr8 sharing her excitement.

On the evening of Dussehra, a lifelike 3D Raavan will burn in everyone's Celebr8 app, hosted in an environment near them. People will not have to gather in crowds, and can enjoy Raavan-Dahan on October 25th, 7 PM IST in an AR environment from home, and at the same time share this experience with friends and family via social media.

Similarly, on Diwali, through augmented reality, the Celebr8 app will display a variety of digital firecrackers like phooljhadi, rockets, anaar, chakri, splendid sky lanterns, and more along with various combinations of rangolis and diyas in several colours and designs, making it the safest way to celebrate the festival of lights.

Following the joyous Indian festive season, the app will cater to small and big personal celebrations too, like weddings, birthdays, and global festivities like New Year's as well.

Links to Download:



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Bronchiofly, an ayurvedic cough syrup from Butterfly Ayurveda helps with respiratory health and protection

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Gurugram (Haryana) [India] October 24 (ANI/PRNewswire): One of India's leading Ayurvedic medication developers, Butterfly Ayurveda, recommends people to require care of their metabolic process health with Ayurveda and keep ready for the continued fall and approaching winter season. because the month of Gregorian calendar month approaches its finish, the matter of pollution has started looming over people living within the NCR region and different elements of northern India. 

Because the dry fall winds re-evaluate the fields of geographical region and Haryana, it brings the ash and pollutant-filled air pollution arising from plant material burning over and ends up in issues of cough and respiration. 

Tons persistently it's allergic cough. the matter gets severe as winter spreads its wings and harmful particles within the air keep constant because of its cold surroundings. augment this, the pollution returning from vehicles, factories and construction work, that makes up a potent air killer. Now, the question is however will one defend themselves from such unbreathable air (not to miss the lofty issue of the pandemic)? despite what percentage masks, face covers, shades and gloves one could amendment, fighting on a microorganism level wants a strong aide. now and then like these, human bodies square measure additional liable to cases - at par with severity like coronavirus - that have an effect on the metabolic process health. to beat these factors from touching one's health, there's trendy medicines that offer remedial satisfaction. 

However, square measure they helpful within the long-haul? Do they take away the basis reason for the problem? this can be the realm wherever various kinds of medication like Ayurveda steps in. Ayurveda, not solely provides curative solutions, however additionally suggests life style changes and residential remedies which will facilitate in hindrance of infections and diseases. 

Ayurvedic ways recommend remedies like applying some copra oil within the nasal openings that makes a bio film on high of the nasal skin and helps stop the entry of bacterium. in addition, doing steam inhalation everyday for many minutes helps make sure that all the dirt, bacterium or any foreign particles within the nose square measure pushed out, and additionally helps with sinus infection and acute cold. Gargling with Haldi or Turmeric predicament helps keep the throat clean, healthy, and infections cornered. several such suggestions have additionally been listed by the Ministry of Ayush which will be enclosed in our daily life style. 

Drinking heat herb tea or Ayush Kwath is another great way to spice up metabolic process health and stand back from infections. However, daily exposure to poor air crammed with waste product particles degrades one's lungs' health, and may weaken the metabolic process tracts. Excessive accumulation of phlegm, constant dry and wet coughing, irritation and cutaneous sensation of the throat, square measure a number of the issues that seem at first. 

Moreover, because of poor life style and intake habits, excess secretion formation also can get tormented by AN infection, which might influence be extremely damaging to metabolic process health. To combat such problems, Butterfly Ayurveda recommends exploitation Bronchiofly, that is decoction-based Ayurvedic cough relief sweetener and additional. what's Bronchiofly? Bronchiofly is polyherbal decoction-based sweetener, scientifically developed and developed on the essential ideas of Ayurveda. Its multiple actions defend the lungs from varied infections, toxins and clears the higher and lower metabolic process tracts. It works as a dry cough sweetener, wet cough sweetener, improves raw throat, throat pain, allergic cough, bronchitis, helps relieving inflammation of the bronchioles, and gruffness of the voice. It additionally works as AN medicine and may be administered to each adults and kids. It also can run to people with polygenic disorder, since it's a sugar-free cough sweetener. What square measure the key advantages of Bronchiofly? one. Bronchiofly may be a natural safeguard for the systema respiratorium. 2. Effective all told sorts of cough (wet, dry and allergic cough). 3. useful just in case of a raw throat and pain within the throat. 4. Bronchiofly sweetener helps with management of bronchi health, works as AN medicine, and helps improve gruffness of voice. 5. All the ingredients of Bronchiofly like Vasa, Tulsi and Mulethi are terribly potent & effective for metabolic process diseases. 6. Protects lungs internally from toxins within the air. 7. most significantly, there are not any aspect effects of this medication, once taken throughout the time of want, with the dose counseled. What square measure the ingredients utilized in Bronchiofly? Bronchiofly is formed from Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Khatmi, Mulethi, Vasa, Gojhiva, Kantakari, Kali Mirch, Pippali, Shunthi, Pushkara, and Banaphsa they're additionally noted for showing effectivity just in case of hypersensitivity reaction and respiratory disease. Mechanism of actions of the varied herbs in Bronchiofly includes: one. Vasa and Kali mirch work as an excellent medicine. 2. Khatami, Pushkarmool, and Mulethi offer a soothing result to the throat and even have medicinal drug properties. 3. As an efficient medicament Vasa, Mulethi, and Kantakari facilitate guarantee traditional respiration. 4. because it is sugar-free it's safe for Diabetics, and appropriate for youngsters and adults. 5. All the ingredients utilized in the formulation square measure safe and individual therapeutic effectivity is additionally reportable in ancient literature of Ayurveda largely within the management of Kasa (cough) & Swas (asthma). 6. It also can be taken aboard medical aid antibiotics, because it is free from alcohol, thus no somnolence effects are captured. 7. Ingredients like Khatmi, Tulsi and Gojhiva facilitate with infections caused because of bacterium and different microorganisms. This story is provided by PRNewswire. ani won't be accountable in any means for the content of this text. (ANI/PRNewswire)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

FDI India successfully enabled over 150 Indian businesses gain access to soft loans by foreign investors

FDI India logo

New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI/NewsVoir): FDI India, a one-of-its-kind startup has been at the forefront in providing consultancy to over 150 Indian businesses to accelerate business growth.

Through its interactive platform, FDI India enabled financial strength to these businesses through an array of services including Financial Planning and assistance, connecting them to the right foreign investors, obtaining government permissions, and project planning.

The company facilitated soft loans from foreign investors from across 15 countries through the most credible route. Dedicatedly serving 27 plus sectors including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Solar and Hydro Plants, Construction, Hospitality, Education, Mining and Metal, Food Processing Sectors, etc, the company enabled thriving Indian businesses to obtain soft loans with a minimum ticket size of Rs 25 crore at 3.25 per cent per annum on reducing balance.

This involved a detailed process right from the screening of the loan applicants to helping them build their portfolios and effectively present credentials to potential investors and guiding them in their financial and project plans.

"Being the world's sixth-largest consumer market, India is an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. However, the pandemic and the resultant economic slowdown has posed multiple challenges for businesses of all size and scale. With the view to combating the same, FDI India aims to bridge the market gap allowing enterprises to boost their business by providing the most credible investment route enabling the market towards economic growth," said Vishal Yadav, CEO and Founder, FDI India, while commenting on the same.

Some of the major challenges Indian businesses are witnessing in the course of their business lifecycle include assistance in managing their fund accounts, gaining access to foreign credit, etc. FDI India with a strong track record has helped address this with its cornerstone technology platform reaching across demographics and geographies to provide convenient, low-cost, and process-driven Foreign Direct Investment.

The company is backed by 50 plus passionate and committed professionals with comprehensive experience to deliver expertise in fund projects.

FDI India is a one-of-its-kind startup that provides consultancy to Indian businesses to accelerate business growth by obtaining soft loans from foreign investors through the most credible route. Aiming to transform the country's investment climate by simplifying the business environment for investors, FDI India enables financial strength to its clients through quality and conflict-free Foreign Investments with their range of services including financial planning and assistance, connecting to right investors, government permissions, and project planning.

This involves a rigorous process right from the screening of the loan applicants to helping them build their portfolios and effectively present credentials to potential investors in guiding them in their financial and project plans.

In lieu of combating the current economic slowdown, FDI India is driven to strengthen the financial capability of its clients, through handholding them in the investment lifecycle right from pre-investment to after-care which includes a background check of applicants, drafting a proposal for an investor pitch, consulting them throughout their investment life-cycle, etc.

FDI India holds a strong reputation for providing exceptional consulting services to Indian businesses and connecting them to the right foreign investors from across 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Ireland among others.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

R Narayan appointed as president of FICCI-CMSME

R Narayan, Founder & CEO, Power2SME

New Delhi [India], October 20 (ANI/NewsVoir): R Narayan, Founder and CEO, Power2SME has been elected as President of Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CMSME), an affiliated body under the umbrella of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), an apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India. FICCI-CMSME's vision is to empower Indian MSMEs and build their competitiveness.

He took over from outgoing President Sanjay Bhatia at the sixth annual general meeting of FICCI-CMSME which also witnessed the launch of FICCI-CMSME online directory and B2B portal "Connect" in the presence of Arvind Kumar Sharma, Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The event also saw Girish Luthra and Harjinder Kaur, assume offices of Sr Vice-President and Vice-President respectively.

"I am honoured and humbled by the responsibility entrusted on me. We at FICCI CMSME firmly believe that the country's MSMEs have enormous potential and have displayed great strength and resilience in the wake of the pandemic. This portal launched today has been created to explore new MSME business avenues and strengthen their value chains both backwards and forwards," said R Narayan, while speaking about his new role.

"True development can only be done in inclusivity and not isolation, and therefore a joint effort and collaboration is required from all stakeholders, especially from the government, industry chambers and associations to provide a support infrastructure which enable the growth of the MSME sector," R Narayan added.

Applauding the efforts made by FICCI towards championing the cause of MSMEs, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises announced the creation of 5 taskforces in the domains of Industry 4.0, Exports, Technology Centers, Clusters and modernization schemes to make Indian SMEs future ready.

Established in December 2013 as an affiliate body with the mission of empowering MSMEs, FICCI-CMSME was created to work closely with the MSME sector to identify issues and suggest viable solutions.

A pan-India body developed as an aggregator to develop various capabilities in various aspects of their businesses, CMSME plays an active role in connecting MSMEs to investors, incubators, accelerators, and assist MSME capacity building programs and services. It also provides the platform for networking and consistency building in across sectors.

The FICCI CMSME "Connect" portal aims to become a preferable B2B destination for both buyers and sellers and acts as online directory for SMEs to connect with each other, post business queries for listed enterprises and become a major source of detailed information of listed companies for visitors including PSUs, large corporate etc. The portal can be accessed at ficcicmsmeconnect.in.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

USA based Bottlecapps announces major expansion into the Indian market

Bottlecapps logo

New Delhi [India], Oct 19 (ANI/India PR Distribution): BOTTLECAPPS is the Fastest Growing Beverage Alcohol Platform in the United States with over 1,000 stores in 43 states.

As Bottlecapps Dominance in the United States Continues to Grow Exponentially, it has announced its Rapid Expansion and Partnership Opportunities in India.

"We have continued the expansion of our best in class platform and 360 solution, that places the store and customer at the centre of our business, to the fastest growing and largest emerging market in the world," said Dr Prashant Desai, Executive Chairman and CEO.

"India's population over the next decade will have more drinking age consumers with smartphones, making the transition to e-commerce a necessity for the Indian consumer who already understands how to shop on e-commerce platforms like FlipKart and Amazon," said Dr Prashant Desai.

Bottlecapps is looking at partnership opportunities for both stores and brands as they continue to expand their footprint in 5 countries with a "laser focused" aim to be the World Leader in Spirit's E-commerce.

"Given our strong leadership team with over 100 years of experience in technology and spirits, our Indian Heritage in both North and South India, and our relentless pursuit to be the predominant provider of spirits in e-commerce, it makes sense to drive our consumer-centric platform to India in this time of crisis with COVID-19 and shutdowns in many parts of India imminent," Dr Desai added.

Bottlecapps continues to grow exponentially in stores, states, numbers of orders processed, as the "only flat-fee" model-based e-commerce platform that lets you "have your cake and eat it too".

This is through the branded app, website, marketing, and exclusive marketplace called BottleRover™ all for one price.

Stores and consumers want "price transparency and parity" to in-store pricing not available on third-party providers who "upcharge" prices and charge "transaction fees" to stores for the exact same service.

Bottlecapps has developed partnerships with the largest brands, distributors, and delivery platforms to provide a turnkey, go to market e-commerce experience.

For more details visit - https://www.bottlecapps.com/

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Suresh Rajagopalan takes over the reins as Wibmo inc. CEO

Wibmo Inc. logo

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], Oct 19, (ANI/PRNewswire): Wibmo Inc., a global leader in digital payments and payments security solutions, today, announced the appointment of Suresh Rajagopalan as its new Chief Executive Officer.

He joined Wibmo in April 2020 as the Chief Business Officer. He succeeds Govind Setlur, who will now function in an advisory capacity chairing Wibmo's Advisory Council, as the organization accelerates its international expansion. Wibmo, co-founded by Govind in 1999, was acquired by PayU in 2019. As new Wibmo CEO, Suresh will become part of PayU's leadership team and report to Anirban Mukherjee, CEO, PayU India.

Suresh has close to three decades of work experience in technology, product management, program management, strategic planning, and business development. Prior to joining Wibmo, he has worked with leading Middle Eastern and African banks and Infosys Technologies. In his last assignment he worked with FSS Technologies as President - Retail payments, responsible for product, platform, and solution verticals.

"Suresh is the right leader to pick up the reins after Govind," said Anirban Mukherjee, CEO, PayU India. "His extensive background in technology and business development will help us develop strategic alliances, strengthen existing partnerships, and expand our presence globally. We believe his strong leadership experience will help Wibmo scale greater heights."

Having been a part of core banking operations and issuer-side banking, Suresh's vast experience will be invaluable in leading Wibmo from the front.

"I'm honored to take up this role," said Suresh Rajagopalan. "It is amazing to see how Wibmo has flourished under Govind's leadership over the past two decades. I believe Wibmo has a great business model and a talented, cohesive team. Our inherent capabilities with issuers along with PayU's expertise in servicing merchants will help us scale together as a stronger team, offering AI-powered neo-payments platforms to the industry."

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CM Studios and Lightstream win gold at Promax India Awards 2020

Representative Image

Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], October 19 (ANI/ PRNewswire): Rainshine Entertainment owned CM Studios and Lightstream earned Gold in the 'Branded Content Promotion' category at the Promax India Awards 2020.

The recognition was won for the promotional film created for 'Hoop Nation', a four-part lyrical docu-series created for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and sponsored by Uber. Held on October 9, the awards acknowledge creativity and excellence, and have emerged as a top recognition in the entertainment space in India.

'Hoop Nation' has been conceptualized and produced by CM Studios and Lightstream for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and presented by Uber. Earlier this year, the production won Silver at the Promax India Digital Re-Invent 2020 awards in the 'Best Branded Content' category. The first-of-its-kind format of this series was created by Ruchir Joshi - President & Head of Content, CM Studios, narrating four stories of human resilience and achievement enabled by Basketball, and features some of India's top indie artists such as Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, Symphonic Movement, and Dee MC. The stories are brought to life through the interplay between lyrics and interviews, and were captured in the promotional film directed by

"The success 'Hoop Nation' has enjoyed, and the recognition it has earned is a matter of joy and honor for everyone involved in the project. And this would not have been possible without the support from our partners, NBA, and Uber. These back-to-back awards prove that there is an appetite and appreciation for immersive and long-form content. So, while the love audiences have shown can be gauged from the millions of views, receiving appreciation from peers and industry leaders is always special and encourage us to continually push the boundaries of creativity," said Anuraag Srivastava - COO, Rainshine Entertainment, and CEO, CM Studios & Lightstream.

"We were looking to create awareness about the sport in India through content that went beyond the sport itself. The response and feedback we received for this docu-series has been heartening. We are glad that in CM Studios and Lightstream we found the right partners to help us bring our vision to life," said Sunny Malik, Head of Global Content and Media Distribution, NBA India.

"Hoop Nation is a heartwarming series of stories about people, overcoming various trials and their rather challenging destinies. These stories of transforming their circumstances were inspiring and we were really excited to partner with CM Studios and Lightstream in the production. Our brand philosophy #MoveForward made for a seamless fit. This is a well-deserved win," added Sanjay Gupta, Marketing Director, Uber India.

Since the launch, the docu-series has received a total viewership of 28 million and a reach of 55 million across Facebook and YouTube.

The 'Hoop Nation' promotional film can be viewed here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMiOoPBpidg

The full series can be viewed here -


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Saturday, October 17, 2020

USCI launches innovative programme with focus on emerging technologies

Computational Intelligence

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], October 17 (ANI/NewsVoir): With the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have moved further into the digital world. It is highly impossible to imagine how life would have been in 2020 without technology - without video calls and OTT platforms during lockdown, virtual classes or online meetings.

Internet usage has gone up manifolds since the global pandemic struck. Industries around the world are under pressure to respond to the ever changing market needs. The challenges of learning online have necessitated economies to experiment with newer technologies.

The crisis has put a special focus on the fields of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Robotics and Automation and Blockchain Technology. The world is seeing an accelerated adoption of these emerging technologies, leading to a new wave of demand for Robotics Engineers, Data Scientists, and Artificial Intelligence specialists. It has been predicted that smart transportation is part of the next wave of AI innovation.

It is because of these tremendous demands for jobs on cutting edge technologies, Ahmedabad based Karnavati University has established a new school, Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) which will offer 3-year undergraduate honours programmes leading to BSc (Hons) in Data Science, BSc (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BSc (Hons.) in Robotics and Automation and BSc (Hons) in Cryptography and Blockchain.

USCI has excellent infrastructure and talented faculty members from reputed institutions. "We are establishing four laboratories - Data Science Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Cryptography and Blockchain Development Lab and Robotics Lab in addition to basic Physics Lab, Electrical Lab, Electronics Labs and Circuit Design Lab," said Ritesh Hada, President, Karnavati University.

USCI's Data Science Lab is equipped with high performance computing systems and required software. The institute's AI Lab has NVIDIA Workstations equipped with CUDA Processor. Blockchain Development lab has systems with high configuration and required software. Robotics Lab has Kits for designing robots, arms for experiments by students.

"With the coronavirus pandemic, we have witnessed more disruption than what we have witnessed in decades. Post-Covid, it makes sense to predict what the role of technology will be in the recovery process. I would encourage all parents to make sure that their children do not rely on the technologies of tomorrow for jobs of the future. And that is possible only if they shift their focus towards the emerging technologies," said Raju Shanmugam, Founding Dean, Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) at Karnavati University.

USCI has academic collaborations with Oracle Academy for Data Science and Analytics, Red Hat Academy for professional Certifications and UiPath Academy Robotics Process Automation. All faculty members will be trained by these multinational corporations (MNCs) for continuous skill upgradation on cutting edge technologies.

The following cutting edge technology jobs are determined to be the most attractive for next 20 Years and will grow up to 74 per cent. Innovation happens with AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

* Artificial Intelligence Specialist: Unique skills required for this kind of job are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, Natural Language Processing.

* Robotics Engineer: It is an industry on demand. Careers in Robotics Engineering can vary greatly between software and hardware roles. Unique skills required for this role are Robotic Process Automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Robotics.

* Data Scientist: Data science is another field that has emerged recently on top of the jobs list. It has played a vital role significantly across all industries. It started replacing the previously existing jobs, like Statisticians, and increased emphasis on data in academic research. Unique skills set required for this role are Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark and Scala Programming.

* Full Stack Developer

* Site Reliability Engineer and Cloud Engineer

* Data Engineer: Data has become most valuable resource of every firm and therefore every firm requires data engineer. The demand for Data Engineer/Scientist jobs grows at the rate of 35 per cent every year. The unique skills required for this role are Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, Extract/Transform/Load (ETL), Amazon Web Services etc.

* Cyber Security and Cryptography Specialists

* Back-end Developer

* Java Script Developer

* Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Engineer

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Meet DJ Felix, the guy who revolutionised Hip-Hop in Kolkata with His turntable skills

DJ Felix

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], October 17 (ANI/Mediawire): When passion turns into a profession, it often creates some magic and a revolution. Mostly it is the artist making Rap music, who gets the adoration and recognition. But in Hip-Hop there is a clear understanding that it is the DJ who is on top of the game.

Felix Huang also known as DJ Felix, hasalready established his name in the list of top Turntablists around the country, by creating a storm in Kolkata nightlife in recent years.

It is difficult to believe that DJ Felix, one of the most recognised faces in the DJ world today, was once a directionless, school dropout. During his teenage years, he was into biking. He started clubbing at a very young age and used to recklessly spend his parent's money at clubs.

After some years of aimless living, a DJ who used to live in his neighbourhood suggested he take up DJing for a living, an idea Felix resisted for a long time. But after a while his love for music and the lure of hip-hop won, and he decided to give it a shot. The rest is history.

When he stepped into the field, he knew nothing about DJing, all he had was his passion for music and knowledge about the different genres. Hip hop at that time was gaining popularity, but most DJs used it only as an opener.

However, the love for hip hop that Felix had from his early days only kept growing, and in no time it became his forte. He started downloading tracks and practicing at the club, in his spare time, with the other DJs. He started enjoying it so much that even when the clubs were shut, he used to reach there at 4pm, take the keys from the security and practice.

But as they say 'success doesn't come overnight'. He struggled for almost 8 years, post which his hard work paid off! In the interim he did odd jobs at various clubs after which he was offered a job as a resident DJ. Very soon people started appreciating his work and taking notice of him. His success run began from thereon.

This was the turning point in his life and DJ Felix, the guy who used to spend his parents money on clubbing; to his parent's delight started making a living off it.

"I always adapted to new technology. Those were the days when Facebook had just started. I managed to capitalise on it and managed to grab the attention of people on social media," said DJ Felix, of his early days.

In his initial days as a DJ, DJ Felix used to play music from CDs and pen drives. Later he upgraded to turntables and soon graduated to video performances making him the first VDJ Turntablist of Kolkata who took the DJing industry in India by a storm.

In no time, DJ Felix was in demand. Events flowed in at a steady pace and there came a time when he had to juggle upto 3 events on the same night. The city of Kolkata loved and supported Felix a lot and social media put him on the national map of DJing. This paved a way for DJ Felix to perform not only across the country but internationally as well.

From performing at small clubs, he soon started being invited to perform at various music festivals. He has been a part of Sunburn Reload, Dusk Music Festival, Mandala Music Festival, United Music Festival, Afterworld Music Festival, Uncultured Music Festival, GOD Music Festival, Radiance Music Festival,to name a few.

As his fame grew, DJ Felixalso got to perform with some big namesin the music world like DJ Ease, Honey Singh, Nucleya, Ashley Wall bridge, Master D, Grzly Adams, Teri Miko, Aqeel, Suketu, Ivan, Zaeden, Shahrule, EPR, amongst others.

He founded Kolkata's biggest hip-hop event company, 'Hip-Hop Sessions'that is currently handling the legendary club UG Reincarnated. He himself holds prestigious clubs like UG Reincarnated and HHI (Hotel Hindusthan International) in Kolkata.

Among his current achievements, DJ Felix remastered the famous dialogue 'RASODE MEIN KAUN THA' in a party track, which got him trending on social media. His video garnered over 10 million views and 37k shares on Facebook.

After back to back sensational and houseful shows in Dubai, DJ Felix is currently preparing for his post COVID, USA and Europe tours. DJ Felix is also coming up with his very first production, a single titled 'Jawab de'. The song seems to be seeking answers from people, but in reality it provides an answer to people who are looking for motivation and inspiration in these difficult times.

DJ Felix composed and produced this number during lockdown hoping to help people cope with the current negativity. It is available on all major streaming apps.

(Youtube link to embed: https://youtu.be/Bhv274IjCY4)

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/c/DJFelix

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Apparel export sector on path of V-shaped recovery: AEPC Chairman

Representative Image

New Delhi [India], October 16 (ANI): The Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) Chairman Dr A Sakthivel said that the double-digit growth in apparel exports in September indicates that the sector has begun its V-shaped recovery and is going to get better.

"Apparel exports rose for the first time this fiscal in September. The steep recovery from 90 per cent fall in April to 10 per cent rise last month corroborates our belief that the apparel sector is already on the path of V-shaped recovery," Dr Sakthivel said on Friday.

The Chairman thanked the Government of India and Minister of Textiles Smriti Zubin Irani, Minister of Commerce Piyush Goyal, Minister of MSME Nitin Gadkari and Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman for leading the industry out of this crisis.

"It is all possible because of the positive steps taken by the Government of India especially the Ministries of Textiles, Commerce, MSME and Finance. Pro-active government with dynamic ministers and supporting policies, our foray into medical textiles and positive sentiment towards India are making the revival strong," he said.

"The apparel exporting industry has risen like a phoenix from the deep crisis because of the hard-working and ingenious apparel exporters, who must be complimented for their agility and enterprise for protecting both industry and jobs," Dr Sakthivel added.

Apparel exports saw positive growth of 10.22 per cent for September 2020 (USD 1,190 million) vis-a-vis USD 1,079 million in September 2019.

"The impact of the pandemic on apparel exports had been severe. However, we believe this turnaround with a positive growth of more than 10 per cent will only increase as we go forward in the second half of the fiscal. The negative growth trend has been arrested after several months and a lot of lost ground will be captured in H2. Apparel exporters are walking through positive growth," Dr Sakthivel said. (ANI)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tata Power to develop 100 MW solar project in Gujarat

The cumulative capacity under development in Gujarat will be 620 MW. (Photo: ANI)

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 14 (ANI): Tata Power has got a letter of award from Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL) to develop a 100 megawatt solar project in Dholera Solar Park of Gujarat.

The energy will be supplied to GUVNL under a power purchase agreement valid for 25 years from scheduled commercial operation date.

Tata Power won this capacity in a bid announced by GUVNL in March. The project has to be commissioned within 15 months from the date of execution of power purchase agreement.

With this award, the cumulative capacity under development in Gujarat will be 620 MW out of which 400 MW will be in Dholera Solar Park.

"It is an important milestone in the company's endeavour to generate 35 to 40 per cent of Tata Power's total generation capacity from clean energy sources and will go a long way to meet the country's commitment towards green and clean energy," the company said in a statement.

The plant is expected to generate about 246 million units of energy per year and will annually offset about 246 million kg of carbon dioxide.

Tata Power's renewable capacity will increase to 3,936 MW of which 2,637 MW is already operational and 1,299 MW is under implementation including 100 MW won under the letter of award.

Tata Power is India's largest integrated power company and, together with its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, has an installed capacity of 12,742 MW.

With nearly 2.6 gigawatt of renewable energy assets in solar and wind accounting for 30 per cent of the company's portfolio, it is a leader in clean energy generation. (ANI)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cyberbit survey shows various training deficiencies in India

Organisations know they need cybersecurity training but are not implementing any effective training. 

New Delhi [India], Oct 13 (ANI): A new survey by Israel-based Cyberbit shows that nearly 61 per cent of Indian organisations still do not have well-structured cybersecurity training modules for their employees and mostly rely upon on-the-job training (mentoring, peer review) for their security operations team.

The survey also brought to light the fact that more than 90 per cent of organisations are not exposing their cybersecurity teams to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a comprehensive collection of various attacker behaviours displayed across the cyberattack lifecycle.

Only 32 per cent of companies are aligning their training to MITRE, creating a gap in experience measurement that could be critical in incident response.

The survey also showed that 89 per cent of organisations still rely on classroom training, external certificates and tabletop exercises that emphasise theory and have limited practical exposure.

These approaches are great to develop knowledge but do not prepare SOC teams with the practical skills required for the experience of a real-world attack. Interestingly, 11 per cent of organisations have deployed a cyber range that exposes SOC teams to simulated cyberattacks.

The findings also indicated that 77 per cent of cybersecurity professionals are working remotely. Organisations know they need cybersecurity training but are not implementing any effective training, creating an even larger need.

According to a study by Data Security Council of India, the country needs 10 lakh cybersecurity professionals. India's qualified candidate count currently stands around one lakh. (ANI)

QAD announces enhancements to QAD Adaptive ERP and related solutions designed to enable adaptive manufacturing enterprises, Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises

QAD Adaptive ERP

New Delhi [India], October 13 (ANI/NewsVoir): QAD Inc, a leading provider of adaptive, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies, today announced the latest enhancements to QAD Adaptive ERP and other solutions in the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio.

Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by many factors that include the COVID-19 pandemic, technology-driven innovation, changing consumer preferences and new and revised government regulations. To succeed in the face of this unprecedented change, manufacturers must be able to quickly adapt by rethinking their business models and processes. QAD calls companies that can do this rapidly, Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises.

QAD Adaptive ERP 2020.1 and the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio of solutions help Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises to become more:

* Agile: An agile manufacturer is performance-oriented, and has process mobility and system flexibility. It responds rapidly to internal and external business changes.

* Intelligent: An intelligent manufacturer is connected, data-driven and optimized. It uses data to get real-time insights into operations, customers and the market environment.

* Innovative: An innovative manufacturer is aware, dynamic and customer experience-focused. It effectively addresses business turbulence with new processes, services and products.

QAD solutions help Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises drive innovation in the face of change by addressing five critical capabilities:

* Effective Enterprise Management enables manufacturers to operate from a trusted set of essential enterprise processes including integrated multi-currency, multi-GAAP and multi-entity financials, best practice purchasing, shared services, real-time data and flexible data analytics.

* Digital Manufacturing allows manufacturers to leverage digital and advanced technologies to better communicate, analyze and use real-time information to meet cost and quality objectives.

* Complete Customer Management delivers an outstanding customer experience that builds the company's brand and helps acquire, sell to and retain customers with less effort and expense.

* Integrated Supplier Management improves supplier collaboration and supply chain visibility allowing for faster response to changes in supply and demand.

* Connected Supply Chain helps manufacturers effectively collaborate with supply chain partners and address the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains.

"The latest release of QAD Adaptive ERP continues to enable QAD customers to rapidly adapt to business turbulence and innovate for competitive advantage," said Anton Chilton, CEO, QAD . "The enhancements we've made will improve our customers' user experience, enable them to extend configured solutions, increase user productivity and ultimately help to boost their manufacturing efficiency. They apply across all aspects of manufacturing operations including supply chain, shop floor, production, customer management and finance."

In addition to the latest updates to QAD Adaptive ERP, which features the QAD Enterprise Platform and Adaptive UX, QAD has also enhanced related solutions in its Adaptive Applications portfolio, including QAD Dynasys DSCP (Demand & Supply Chain Planning), QAD EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System), and QAD Precision GTTE (Global Trade & Transportation Execution).

For details of the enhancements made to QAD Adaptive ERP and its related solutions, please visit the QAD Blog.

QAD Inc. is a leading provider of adaptive, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies. Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by technology-driven innovation and changing consumer preferences. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. QAD calls these companies Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. QAD solutions help customers in the automotive, life sciences, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech and industrial manufacturing industries rapidly adapt to change and innovate for competitive advantage.

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, QAD has 29 offices globally. Over 2,000 manufacturing companies have deployed QAD solutions including enterprise resource planning (ERP), demand and supply chain planning (DSCP), global trade and transportation execution (GTTE) and quality management system (QMS) to become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Samsung unlocks 90 fps on Galaxy Tab S7 for Fortnite players

Representative Image

Ridgefield [USA], October 12 (ANI): Tech giant Samsung Electronics on Monday announced that Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ owners will be able to level up their Fortnite gameplay experience from October 13.

The 90 frames per second (fps) update will provide Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Fortnite players their smoothest mobile gaming performance yet.

"To start playing Fortnite at 90 fps, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ owners simply have to update their Fortnite app or download and install it through the Samsung Galaxy Store*, the only mobile app store in the U.S. where users can download and enjoy the current season of Fortnite," the tech giant said in an official statement.

With incredible screens, next-gen processors, and long-lasting battery life, the Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S7+ offer unparalleled mobile gaming experiences for the users. (ANI)

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz in an all new online format

Tata Crucible

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] October 11 (ANI/PRNewswire): Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz, India's largest and eagerly anticipated business quiz, is back in a new online format for its 17th edition. The registrations for this edition will be open from October 6th to 20th, 2020.

This knowledge initiative by the Tata Group is all set to roll out and invite participation from the best and the brightest minds from corporates across India.

As the world is adapting to the new normal, Tata Crucible has equally stood up to the challenge; and brought in the first ever virtual format to suit the demands of the time.

Throughout its 16 years of quizzing history, Tata Crucible has consistently delivered exciting and novel formats, keeping the game ever exciting and energising.

The quiz has always welcomed participation from both Tata and non-Tata corporates and this year, it will invite individual participation in place of a team, to enable easy participation in virtual form.

In this pan-India quizzing competition to be held online starting with a pan-India prelim, the country is divided into 12 clusters and after two levels of online prelims, top 12 finalists from each cluster will be invited for wild card finals out of which top 6 finalists will then compete in the 12 online cluster finals.

In each of the cluster finals, top scorer will be recognised as winner and the second top scorer will be announced as runner-up. The winners and runners-up at the cluster finals will receive prizes of Rs 35,000 /- and Rs 18,000/- respectively. The winner from each of the 12 cluster finals will compete in two semi-finals and finally six winners will qualify for the national final event scheduled to be held in December 2020.

The winner of the National Final will receive a grand prize of Rs 2.5 lakhs along with the coveted Tata Crucible Trophy. The prizes for this edition are being supported by Tata CLiQ.

"Tata Crucible Business Quiz has always been conducted as an on-ground experiential engagement, but given the need of the hour, we have decided to conduct the event in an online format this time with individual participation. This new online version of the quiz promises to be as energetic and intense as the ground events. Now that the quiz is being held completely online, this is an opportunity for individuals from even the remotest parts of India to participate in the quiz, which will further increase the level of competition. We are confident that this new format will be appreciated by all Tata Crucible followers and we look forward to an enthusiastic participation in the quiz this time as well," shared Atul Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Corporate Brand and Marketing, Tata Services.

Renowned quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam, aka 'Pickbrain' will continue to be the Quizmaster for the online edition Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz.

Since its inception in 2004, the Tata Crucible has promoted the quest of knowledge and out of the box thinking through quizzing as a culture among brightest minds.

For participants, the prestigious Tata Crucible quiz goes beyond juggling facts and tackling trivia; it has now become a quest that celebrates their knowledge and sets them apart.

Register and be a part of India's largest business quizzing battle at Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2020.

To register and for rules and updates, please visit www.tatacrucible.com.

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