US continues to stand with Burmese people voicing aspirations for peace and democracy: US state department

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price

Washington [US], February 22: The US keeps on remaining with individuals of Burma as they voice their yearnings for harmony and majority rules system and it approaches the military to stop viciousness, discharge every one of those treacherously confined and stop assaults on writers and activists, as indicated by US State Department representative Ned Price on Sunday (nearby time). 

Taking to Twitter, Ned Price said, "We keep on remaining with individuals of Burma as they voice their desires for harmony, popular government, and rule of law. We approach the military to stop brutality, discharge each one of those shamefully kept, stop assaults on writers and activists, and regard the desire of individuals." 

US State Department Secretary Antony Blinken additionally said that the US remains with individuals of Burma. 

"The United States will keep on making a decisive move against the individuals who execute savagery against individuals of Burma as they request the reclamation of their justly chosen government. We remain with individuals of Burma," Blinken wrote in a tweet. 

This comes after the Myanmar police started shooting at favorable to vote based system nonconformists in the city of Mandalay on Saturday, killing two individuals and injuring handfuls. 

On February 1, Myanmar's military toppled the public authority and announced a year-long highly sensitive situation hours before the recently chosen parliament was expected to meet. State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint, alongside other high ranking representatives blamed for political race extortion, have been put under house capture. The upset set off mass fights the nation over. 

As indicated by Sputnik, at any rate 150 individuals have endured wounds during serious shows the nation over. (ANI)
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