Sri Lanka has become Chinese colony, says ex-President Kumaratunga

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Colombo [Sri Lanka], February 19: Sri Lanka has become a settlement of China and exchange unionists and others, who passionately contradicted a new arrangement with India, yet have not let out the slightest peep in dissent against Beijing making advances in the island country, said previous Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. 

Addressing the exclusive NewsFirst network on Thursday, the previous president said the gatherings that contradicted the Indian arrangement are keeping mum about each public resource being supposedly given over to China, revealed Economy Next. 

Her comments come days after Sri Lanka dropped oil stockpiling and port arrangements with India. The Sri Lankan government said for the current week that it will drop a rent on oil stockpiling tanks in the eastern port region of Trincomalee that was granted to India's greatest purifier state-controlled Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). 

Recently, Colombo dropped a three-dimensional arrangement with India and Japan to build up the eastern compartment terminal at Colombo Port. 

The proposed bargain drew weighty resistance from worker's guilds, left-inclining ideological groups, individuals from the pastorate and areas of the public authority itself. 

"On the off chance that you take a gander at their financial balances - those in worker's organizations and others - how they become moguls short-term - you need to ponder," said Kumaratunga. 

"We didn't show homage anyone. The individuals who are in control should have a comprehension of international strategy and unfamiliar relations," she said, noticing that specific people in the current government used to straightforwardly taunt the general thought of unfamiliar relations. 

"Today, all things considered, we are a province of China," she added. 

Kumaratunga further said that all together for Sri Lanka to gain any ground, individuals should change their standpoint and search for heads of an alternate type. 

"Every organization continues to sabotage the one that went before it. This is no chance to get forward for this country. Individuals should change first. To change individuals, the schooling framework should be redesignd. We additionally need political heads of an alternate type: youthful, taught, not given to defilement - individuals who don't regard governmental issues as a business opportunity," she said. 

There is a developing Chinese impact in Sri Lanka. Beijing took over Hambantota port in the south of the country in 2016 after Sri Lanka neglected to stay aware of obligation reimbursements, and is engaged with the development and activity of an adjoining port terminal in Colombo, just as other basic foundation. (ANI)
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