Merkel video showing her rushing to retrieve forgotten face mask trends on Internet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Berlin [Germany], February 20: In a viral video, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen leaping out of her seat in caution as she understands that she has failed to remember her cover on the Speaker's work area from where she conveyed a location in the nation's parliament, the Bundestag, Berlin recently. 

A 10-second video cut caught Merkel, who had eliminated her veil while reacting to officials on the COVID-19 pandemic, hurrying back to the platform to recover it. 

A clasp of the occurrence before long acquired a great deal of perspectives and was broadly shared via web-based media with clients commending Merkel for "showing others how its done". 

"A Scientist. A pioneer. Showing others how its done," said Sophie Mokoena, an African writer. 

Sean Kelly, Ireland Member of Parliament, said, "Prob. the solitary time the extraordinary woman 'froze' during her time as German Chancellor !!" 

A twitter client remarked, "Merkel for those long 10 seconds is all of us..." 

Then, Merkel was advised to "quiet" by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson after she coincidentally intruded on him as he started his first virtual G7 meeting. 

"Would you be able to hear us Angela...I think you need to quiet," he said as she had accidentally left her amplifier on and could be heard talking as the Johnson started talking. (ANI)
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