Italy's Coast Guard search for missing survivors of capsized migrant boat

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Rome [Italy], February 20: The Italian coast watch said on Saturday it saved more than 40 sporadic transients on board a boat that upset off the Lampedusa island in the Mediterranean Sea, with the quest activity for the leftover survivors still in progress. 

The coast watch, along with Italy's Financial Guard, dispatched a watch activity after told of a "enormous number of boats conveying travelers" on Friday, which it portrayed as a "exceptional day." 

The coast watch saw the upsetting boat for the time being Saturday about 15 miles south from Lampedusa, which is found generally in the middle of Sicily and Tunisia. They raised 47 travelers of the destroyed boat on board their watch sends and gained from them that another five individuals disappeared. 

As indicated by the assertion, a salvage helicopter was conveyed to look for the potential survivors. (ANI/Sputnik)
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