Imperative to 'reenergize' intra-Afghan Talks in Doha

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Kabul [Afghanistan], February 22: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization senior non military personnel delegate in Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo on Monday met with the head of the nation's arranging group, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, focusing on the significance of reviving the progressing converses with the Taliban. 

"Met with Chief Negotiator @MMStanekzai (Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai) today on the Afghan Peace Process - which NATO emphatically underpins. I emphasized the basic to re-stimulate the cycle and take advantage of this noteworthy lucky break for enduring harmony and soundness in Afghanistan to help all Afghans," Pontecorvo said by Sputnik which cited his office on Twitter. 

Kabul and the Taliban have been holding harmony talks in Doha since September. The sides have concurred on the structure of the exchanges, however the discussions have since slowed down. 

Sputnik detailed that the Joe Biden organization, in the mean time, put the Trump-time manage the Taliban, which visualizes contingent unfamiliar troop pullout by May, under audit, adding vulnerability to the harmony interaction. 

A week ago, Pentagon boss Lloyd Austin guaranteed NATO partners that the US won't pull out from Afghanistan in a rushed or tumultuous way, swearing to talk with the collusion all through the audit. (ANI)
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