Exiled dissidents protest outside FATF headquarters to urge blacklisting Pakistan for terror financing

Protests held outside FATF headquarters in Paris on Saturday (Photo/ANI)

Paris [France] February 20: Exiled protesters from Pakistan, Tibet and Hong Kong assembled outside the base camp of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris on Saturday asking the worldwide observing body to boycott Pakistan and convey on its command of halting dread financing and supporting from Pakistan. 

The individuals from the FATF are meeting from February 22-25 to determine the destiny of Pakistan, which is as of now on the dim rundown of the worldwide enemy of tax evasion and fear financing guard dog. 

While Pakistan has been over and over embracing the strategy of displaying making a move against dread financing by setting senior fear bunch pioneers nabbed in front of FATF plenaries, these UN recorded substances, similar to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (presently rebranded as Jamat ud Dawa - JuD) and Jaish e Mohammad (JeM) keep on working unreservedly in the nation including gathering reserves. 

The cause front of JuD, the Falah e Insaniyat Foundation (FeF) has kept on gathering reserves. FeF boss Hafiz Abdur Rauf has stayed dynamic including transparently conveying lessons. 

Additionally, Talha Saeed, child of Jamaat ud Dawa pioneer Hafiz Saeed and assigned a fear based oppressor by the US Treasury Department has been dynamic and tended to social affairs lately. Likewise, JuD workplaces remembering the Markaz Al Quds for Lahore can raise assets to meet their month to month consumptions. 

The JuD's online media group capacities unhindered promoting their asset assortment drives. Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) has additionally been straightforwardly gathering reserves, frequently to help groups of 'saints' or jihadists slaughtered during activities. 

Taha Siddiqui, banished Pakistani columnist and coordinator of the dissent said, "As the FATF will meet one week from now to examine and survey the instance of Pakistan, the possibility of this dissent is to assemble protesters from Balochistan, from Pashtun overwhelmed territories, Tibet, Hong Kong and Uyghur to assemble and construct a unified front to remind individuals and Pakistan-China nexus and to remind the FATF and European government that Pakistan ought to be considered responsible its proceeded with help to fear gatherings and for its proceeded with help to dread financing". 

He added, "The FATF ought not go under the pressing factor of China and ought not be coerced by China". 

China, a nearby essential accomplice of Pakistan, has been safeguarding and frequently concealing for Pakistan's connects to fear gatherings. It has remained by Pakistan in the UNSC and other multilateral gatherings on this issue. 

For example, China, for 10 years, impeded the posting of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) boss Masood Azhar as a worldwide fear based oppressor under the United Nations sanctions system. Despite the fact that Beijing more than once affirms that it is against psychological oppression, yet it supported its UNSC vote against putting Azhar on the rundown by saying there wasn't sufficient proof against Azhar and refering to "procedural issues". 

This absence of Chinese obligation to counter-dread is additionally expected to impact China's strategic help in the FATF, where China is probably going to shield Pakistan from responsibility. It very well might be noticed that the accomplishment of the USD 60 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a venture where China has a gigantic vital and financial stake, will rely upon Pakistan getting away from responsibility of the FATF. 

Uyghur nonconformist Adil Kassim said, "China and Pakistan have financial fellowship and they utilized psychological oppression to slaughter our kin, the Muslims in East Turkistan (Xinjiang). Uyghurs are not psychological oppressors, the genuine fear monger is the China". 

Kenneth Yeung, a nonconformist from Hong Kong said, "There is consistently a collaboration among China and Pakistan. China is really utilizing the Pakistani government to acquire cash and furthermore to set up its army installation to extend Chinese colonialism. China is wanting to complete the CPEC project. On the off chance that Pakistan is eliminated from the dark rundown, they will additionally quiet the Uyghur people group from one viewpoint and the other hand, support Chinese imperialism in Asia. We encourage FATF to keep Pakistan in the dark rundown to stop imperialism of China". 

The dissent was arranged and coordinated by The Dissident Club which has united the Pakistani and Chinese nonconformists without precedent for France. 

Post the dissent, the members met for a gathering at The Dissident Club and promised to proceed with their tranquil battle through a joint activity discussion to keep on bringing issues to light about the Pakistan-China nexus in France and in Europe and help the West to remember its responsibilities of destroying a wide range of psychological oppression and guaranteeing basic freedoms all around the world. 

Dr Naseem Baloch of Baloch National Movement said, "the current nexus among China and Pakistan is shocking for Balochistan. The worldwide forces need to survey the One Belt One Road activity and see its obliteration. A huge military activity is progressing in Balochistan in the regions where CPEC project is going through. Pakistan powers psychological warfare as when its financial condition is great as FATF should control Pakistan's economic accords with European Union." 

Munir Mengal, President of Baloch Voice Association said, "We have assembled here with a request to FATF to control on strict fear monger associations which are compromising the Baloch. They need to involve our property and annihilate the character of the Baloch. No move has been made by FATF against Lashkar-e-Taiba who transparently compromises individuals. It's the ideal opportunity for FATF to put Pakistan on the boycott for advancing strict illegal intimidation". 

Fazal-ur-Rehman Faridi of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement said, "China Pakistan nexus is obvious to the world at this point. They are helping out one another in fear based oppressor preparing, psychological militant financing as has been referenced by various dissenters. It's vital for the global local area to take a gander at the instance of Danial Pearl, the psychological oppressor who killed him, has as of late been delivered by Sindh High Court and the basic liberties activists are grieving in prisons." 

Pakistan has been utilizing American military Aid and Finance against common Baloch individuals regardless of utilizing it against Religious psychological oppressor associations. 

Presently likewise the borrowings and monetary guides by China are additionally being utilized by Pakistan against the Baloch public. The plans of Pakistan and of China towards the Baloch Land and Balochistan are not stowed away from anyone. 

This CPEC is a colonization project locally and globally that will be utilized as a starting military cushion to threaten territorial and worldwide networks. (ANI)
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