US designates ex-Kataib Hizbollah Secretary-General as 'global terrorist'

US Department of State (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Washington [US], January 14: The United States has assigned previous Secretary-General of the Iranian-sponsored Kataib Hezbollah local army bunch as a worldwide fear monger, educated the US State Department on Wednesday. 

"Today the United States is assigning Abd al-Aziz Malluh Mirjirash al-Muhammadawi - otherwise called Abu Fadak - as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) in accordance with Executive Order 13224," the delivery said. "Muhammadawi is the previous Secretary-General of Kataib Hezbollah (KH), a US-assigned Foreign Terrorist Organization and SDGT." 

The State Department said Kataib Hezbollah needs to propel Iran's "defame plan" in the area and is answerable for various fear monger assaults in Iraq. 

"Also, KH has supposedly been associated with later and broad robbery of Iraqi state assets and the slaughtering, kidnapping, and torment of quiet dissidents and activists in Iraq," the delivery said. 

Muhammadawi is additionally working related to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - Qods Force to reshape official Iraqi state security organizations, the delivery said. 

"Iran-sponsored components, remembering those for which Muhammadawi presently assumes a position of authority, have recently been engaged with partisan savagery, including the kidnappings of many men from territories freed from ISIS [Islamic State dread gathering, prohibited in Russia] control," the delivery said. 

Gatherings with which Muhammadawi is subsidiary have set up invented cover names to conceal their culpability for continuous assaults against Iraqi government offices and unfamiliar discretionary offices, the delivery added. (ANI/Sputnik)
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