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Apple iOS app updates notices to be re-issued for unknown reasons

Apple Logo.
California [US],(ANI): American tech company Apple, for some reason, appears to be reissuing recently-published app updates, resulting in users having to reinstall the latest version of some apps.

According to The Verge, among its team, the number of unexpected updates ranged from less than twenty to nearly 100, with updates dating back to the beginning of the month resurfacing from the depths of the App Store. One may also go through a varied experience, depending on how many apps you have and how frequently you update them.

As of now, it isn't clear why these updates are being reissued but, as MacRumors notes, it might have something to do with a bug that seems to be affecting apps as of iOS 13.5. This bug meant some apps became inaccessible, with an error message informing users: 'This app is no longer shared with you."

The quick fix to get the app working again without losing its settings and data is to offload the app via Settings > Genral > iPhone Storage, and them reinstall it.

The outlet isn't aware what's causing this particular "no longer shared with you" error, but the wording suggests some sort of authentication or certification issue. These is a possibility that the reissuing of app updates is meant to fix this bug, but that's just a theory. The problem doesn't seem to be breaking any app functionality.
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Japan's Koi fish gaining popularity around world

Koi fish is one of the most beloved pets in Japan. (Photo: ANI)
Niigata [Japan] (ANI): Koi fish is one of the most beloed pets in Japan. There are even annual competitions to choose among them the most beautiful fish. This meseum in Niigata showcases some of the winning fishes.

Koi is a kind of "river carp" that is selectively bred in Japan for over two hundred years, and since then it has become one of the most interesting and expensive hobbies to breed them as the price of one Koi could reach thousands of dollars.

The beautiful colour of Koi fish resembles a Kimono dress. It is different from western dresses as kimono has a wide variety of colour mixing and matching, beautiful patterns, and designs. Beautiful Koi fish has patterns and colours similar to its Kimono. But the most important point is the bright white colour in those colours.

Breeding Koi in Ojiya town in Niigata Prefecture of Japan first began during the 19th century.

The town was famous for growing rice during the harsh winter but they turned rice field into the pond to raise black carp for eating.

Few farmers noticed a little colour and began to selectively breed Koi to produce more colourful fish, which then became a pet.

Thus began the culture of breeding Koi fish, which from Japan spread across the world. Today many amateur and professional breeders come to visit Niigata Prefecture specifically to buy Koi here.

It is estimated that about one million Koi fishes are sold in Japan annually. Prices vary a lot as Koi is divided into categories depending on the variety of colours, the way they overlap and the intesity of their lustre. Some customers even order Koi online. So, it is also exported to many countries around the world.

"Right now we have customers all over the world. Most of our customers are from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Canada, and many more countries," said a Koi breeeder. As Koi can grow very large and live a long life, it has also become a symbol of prosperity and good luch in Japan.
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Famous Japanese 'Golden Craft Art' attracts tourists

Though the city produces many traditional crafts, gold leaf is the most eye-catching one. (Photo: ANI)
Kanazawa [Japan], (ANI): This this sheet of gold is called Kinpaku in Japanese, It is symbol of wealth and prosperity.

For the last 400 years Kanazawa City has been famour for this traditional craft of making gold leaf, and today 99 percent of Japan's domestic gold leaf is produced here. Though the city produces many traditional crafts, gold leaf is the most eye-catching one.

Originally, the gold leaf was used only for religious purpose with more than 80 percent being used for Buddist altar. It was also woven into kimono, obi and their accessories, and used in arts and crafts. But now, there are attempts to develop new uses of the gold leaf, such as in food, cosmetics and architecture.

Kinpaku workshops in Kanazawa have developed a high-level technique to produce a gold leaf that is one ten thousandth of a millimeter.

The process is simple but time consuming. It starts with a small square sheet of gold placed in between stacks of paper.

The gold is then hammered with a special machine for several days and each day the gold becomes thinner and thinner and by the end of hammering process, we get an incredibly thin leaf of gold that you can almost see through it.

"Coating with gold is a difficult process and it depends on the quality of the gold leaf. So using high quality thin gold results in perfect coating. The way to tell about its quality is by seeing if it moves smoothly with the air," said a gold leaf craftsman.

Higashi Chaya is a famous traditional district in Kanazawa city. This Edo style street is a poppular destination among tourists.

Here, many shops sell gold coated souvenirs made from beautiful gold leaf like lacquer ware, calligraphy paintings, cosmetics and several other products.

Few shops even offer food items covered with paper-thin gold leaf, like gold covered ice-cream which is very popular among visitors.

With its rich history of gold craft, Kanazawa is proving its status as the gold capital of Japan.
By: ANI.

Sports fraternity condoles Balbir Singh's demise

Legendary Hockey player Balbir Singh. (Photo: Harbhajan Singh Twitter.)

New Delhi (ANI): Spinner Harbhajan Singh on Monday condoled the demise of veteran hockey player Balbir and said that the legend has to be one of the greatest sporting icons in India.

"A doyen of Indian sports Shri Balbir Singh Senior is no more. When you look back at his achievements, you just remain awestruck, 3 Olympic gold medals, five goals in the Olympic final. Manager of the World Cup-winning team, Possibly among India's greatest sporting icons. May his soul rest RIP," Harbhajan tweeted.

Sprinter PT Usha also expressed condolences on the demise of Balbir Singh and said that the hockey legend was an athlete par excellence.

"Deeply suddened to hear of the passing of Balbir Singh Sr Ji. An Athlete par excellence and a role model beyond words! His bestowed hands may strengthen my passions more. My condolences to his family, friends, and fns!#balbirsingh #Balbirhockey," PT Usha tweeted.

"Rest in Peace to one of the Greatest and Legendary player of all time Padam Shri Balbir Singh Senior ji - you will live forever in our heart," current men's hockey captain Manpreet Singh tweeted.

The veteran hockey player and suffered a cardiac arrest on May 12 and after that, he suffered two more cardiac arrests during the course of his admission in the hospital. "Balbir Singh passed away this morning," his grandson Kabir said in a statement on Monday.

Balbir Singh was a three-time Olympic gold champion. He played a key role in India's Olympic victories in London (1948), as a vice-captain in Helsinki (1952) and as the captain in Melbourne. (1956).

In his illustrious playing career from 1947-1958, Balbir Sr. won 61 international caps and scored a whopping 246 goals. He was also the manager of the 1975 World Cup-winning team.
By: ANI.

'Work comes first': Flight attendants back to duty as domestic air services resume

Visual from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, Terminal-3. (Photo:ANI)
New Delhi (ANI): Flight attendants on early Monday morning arrived at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, Terminal-3, as domestic flight operations resumed from today.

"We are a little worried but work comes first. We will get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits from the airline," Amandeep Kaur, a flight attendant, told ANI.

Another flight attendant said that they have to do less interaction with passengers now in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Food and beverage and retail outlets opened at the airport as domestic flight services resumed.

Domestic flight operations resumed across the country from today except in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal after two months of suspension due to coronavirus-induced lockdown.

All scheduled commercial passenger flights were suspended in India since March 25 when the Centre imposed a lockdown to contain the virus. Following the announcement of domestic flights resumption, the Airports Authority of India on Thursday issued (SOP) for airports as part of preparations for the recommencement of domestic commercial flight operations.

According to the SOPs, airports have been advised to ensure that passenger seating arrangement shail be done in such a manner so as to maintain social distancing among passengers using chairs by blocking those seats that are not to be used, with proper markers/tapes.

All passengers also must compulsorily be registered with the Aarogya Setu app on their phones as per the directives.

Apart from this, alternate check-in counters should be used to avoid congestion. The airport staff must provided PPE kits, face masks etc, and should also be provided with hand sanitisers.
By: ANI.

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