US nurse tests COVID-19 positive days after receiving Pfizer vaccine

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Washington [US], December 30: An ICU nurture in San Diego, who had gotten Pfizer Inc immunization's shot against COVID-19 on December 18, has tried positive for the infection. 

Matthew W, a 45-year-old medical caretaker in San Diego, revealed to ABC News San Diego partner KGTV that subsequent to accepting the antibody he had just experienced arm irritation as a symptom of the immunization however after six days in the wake of working a move in the COVID-19 unit, he had chills, muscle agony and weariness. A Covid test affirmed him of being positive. 

Following this episode, Dr Christian Ramers, an irresistible sickness expert with Family Health Centers of San Diego, revealed to KGTV that this was not surprising as "We probably am aware from the immunization clinical preliminaries that it will take around 10 to 14 days for you to begin to create assurance from the antibody". 

"That first portion we think gives you somewhere near 50%, and you need that subsequent portion to get up to 95 percent," Ramers further expressed. 

There is another likelihood that the attendant probably contracted COVID-19 preceding the immunization yet didn't preclude the inverse, the master added. (ANI)
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