Man arrested for tying dog to car, dragging it along road

A still from the video of the incident. (Photo/ANI)

Ernakulam (Kerala) [India], December 12: The Chengamanad Police on Friday captured a man in Kochi for hauling a canine along a street by a rope around its neck attached to the rear of a vehicle. 

A suo moto body of evidence was enlisted against the driver of the vehicle, Yousuf, after a video of the barbarous occurrence was posted via web-based media by a bicycle driver named Akhil, who was driving behind the vehicle. 

The episode occurred in Kochi's Athani territory. 

Later at night, the Kerala Police said :"A case has been enrolled under Sections 428 and 429 (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of the IPC against the taxi vehicle proprietor." (ANI)
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