Friday, November 6, 2020

US Elections 2020: Biden leads Trump in battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia

US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. (Photo: ANI)

Washington [US], November 6 (ANI): Former Vice President Joe Biden has taken lead over President Donald Trump in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, taking him closer to the 270 electoral college votes he needs to win the US presidential election.

According to the latest update by CNN, Biden got 27,396 votes and Trump 3,760 votes of the 31,412 votes that were just tallied.

About 87 per cent of these votes have gone to Biden and he has now taken the lead in Pennsylvania by 5,587 votes.

In Georgia, the former vice president leads Trump by over 1,000 votes ahead.

The state of Pennsylvania carries a total of 20 electoral college votes while Georgia has 16 electoral college votes.

Biden leads Trump with 253 electoral college votes to 213 votes, as per the latest updates. (ANI)

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