Terror attack in France an attack on EU's shared values: European Council members

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Brussels [Belgium], October 30 (ANI): Members of European Council on Thursday censured the fear based oppressor assault in France's city of Nice in the most grounded terms, considering it an assault on the European Union's shared qualities.

"We, European pioneers, are stunned and disheartened by the fear monger assaults in France. We censure in the most grounded potential terms these assaults which speak to assaults on our mutual qualities," said a joint articulation by individuals from the European Council.

The joint explanation came after a blade employing man killed two ladies and a man at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice and harmed a few others on Thursday. The police confined the aggressor and dispatched an examination.

The assault in Nice was trailed by a blade wounding endeavor at the southeastern French city of Avignon and another at the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia.

Responding to the assaults, Members of European Council stated: "We stand joined together and firm in our solidarity with France, with the French public and the Government of France - in our normal and proceeded with battle against illegal intimidation and fierce fanaticism."

In the joint explanation, the pioneers likewise approached pioneers the world over to pursue discourse and comprehension among networks and religions instead of division.

In the interim, President Emmanuel Macron has called for solidarity in the nation, "I require the solidarity of all." He said in a tweet before today that "Whatever your religion, adherent or not, we should join at these occasions. Try not to yield to the soul of division."

In a resulting tweet, he added, "You have the help of the entire Nation. Our nation is our qualities, that everybody can accept or not accept, that every religion can be worked out. Our assurance is supreme. Activities will follow to secure the entirety of our kindred residents."

Not long after the assault in Nice was accounted for, a few nations including India, US, UK, and UAE turned out on the side of France. (ANI)

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