Increase in new Coronavirus cases in Russia may end within 3 weeks: Health Ministry

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Moscow [Russia], October 29: The expansion in the count of new Covid cases in Russia may reach a conclusion inside three weeks, Vladimir Chulanov, the boss infectiology official in the Russian Health Ministry, told Sputnik. 

"We expect this second ascent [in the quantity of Covid cases] not to keep going for quite a while. Truly, it will last longer than the first since it is of a greater scale, on a basic level. Be that as it may, it is probably not going to last longer than two or a month ... It is probably going to ache for three weeks, the circumstance may settle at that point," Chulanov said. 

Remarking on a potential danger of the third influx of the plague, he said that it was too soon to make any figures on this issue.

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